A Deathly Kiss Poem by Silentpoet Grl

A Deathly Kiss

Rating: 5.0

escaping for just a moment
sitting alone with my knife
alluringly it calls out my name
whispering promises of comfort
enticed to end such hidden pain
giving in to its deadly charm
the sharp blade so appealing
my unbroken skin so willing
the sharp blade meets my wrist
beautiful agony bringing release
piercing such a deserving sting
sweet crimson relief achingly drips
from the cut given much too deep
a deathly kiss carved upon my wrists
tonight the seduction of the knife
left blood dripping, quietly ending life

Crimson Love 25 November 2011

Truly a phenomenal poem. I loved it... :)

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*BleedingHeart* *Arielle* 26 November 2011

That touched me on s oamny levels that ws mesmerizing!

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Marieta Maglas 28 November 2011

a very sad kiss within this bleeding poem-touching..10

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(De Va) 03 December 2011

As long as you hold on to the last thread of life, you will hold our souls within your grasp. Blessings dear sister.

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Vipins Puthooran 04 December 2011

Oh, that'll be a sad or painful kiss, , A g'd poem! ! !

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Sharad Juneja 21 April 2012

superb...and sheer brilliance..that's what i can say

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Neko Girl 11 March 2012

wow that is such a good poem it has touched my heart

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James Casey 28 February 2012

The one thing about most of us who call ourselves poets, have been there(even if many won't admit it) We often talk of death as though we actually went through with it. Aren't we all glad that in the end we all chicken out and just write what we feel. Good job at getting your point across

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(De Va) 25 January 2012

Silentpoet Grl...this is a response from ZERO.....I sent him this poem and he wanted to respond to it, so he wrote this for you.....smiles.... Gusts surge from the south, A king without a crown His eyes gaze in crimson without a sound Now your life has ceased, ended by the blade Soon you'll suffice in a realm without light This is your new home, shadows and spite Live amongst the night where it all shall fade The messenger of blackened wings Meets your tainted wrists, lips abound by taste May he so take just a dropp of your fate Or perhaps take upon your fallen grace? Sacrè Coeur, C'est la vie

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Sharron Stephenson 17 January 2012

you are writting so well the heart and soul is clear for poeple to read this poem so brill

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