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Would like to stay here and start writing again..

May God bless you....


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Heather Wilkins 16 October 2014

hello Rain you have a writing ability keep on expressing yourself

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Unwritten Soul 11 August 2014

Never think u are a loser like u said in poem, I know sometimes we are badly falling in worse condition but we build the real life from this scratches.. What beautiful in life u can get is to understand ur power n try to use your abilities to create greater n better life, for u and others.. Be like the real rain it not a loser when it fall and hit the ground because it will up again as a tall tree_soul

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Valsa George 21 December 2012

Learn to overcome the initial disappointments and sleep well! Your first postings assure the emergence of a good poet in future! Keep writing! ! All the best! !

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Rain ... Popularity

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