A Promise Poem by Hazel Durham

A Promise

Rating: 4.7

The evening light is fading,
Across the wide expanse of green pastures,
Shimmering in the last splendour
Of the day,

Pools of reflective shadows,
As if holding his inferno of pain,
Losing his dream, a cushion in his heart,
His best part,

Facing the truth that he had been told a lie,
A kick that left his heart to die,
In the fading light,
Just left with memories of once a sun so bright,

He has worked so hard,
In the life he loves,
The white dove has flown away,
To find the real sunlight of each day.

The will has been read,
And with a stroke of a pen,
He is struck down into oblivion,
After a lifetime of sweat and toil.

The evening light is fading,
As he listens to the noisy starlings,
They awaken him to reality,
Of losing his powerful voice that sings.

He lies awake on lonely nights,
Too devastated to fight,
But he makes himself a promise,
He will find a different light,

Sing to an easier tune,
He will become immune,
To the lifelong lie,
As he looks up at the black sky,

Highlighted by the stars and moon,
He is left with a few acres and the house,
It has all happened too soon,
The moon glows vividly with confidence and belief,

He knows he has to forget the theif,
He will look forward to a softer light,
A mellow glow,
About him forgetting and letting go.

Monday, August 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: lies
This is about a man who was told all his life he would inherit the farm, that he alone had worked on, but when the will was read it was left to all his siblings, he was left with just a few acres and the house.
Chinedu Dike 02 September 2014

A lovely story well articulated by a good poet. I love it. Keep it up.

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Chuy Amante 03 September 2014

Done well! ! This sad tale You are a talented poetess! ! !

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Achill Lad 08 September 2014

Sadly this sort of behaviour is not unprecedented. It happened to a lady not so long ago. the court awarded her everything, after all she'd put her whole life into the farm. An enjoyable read Well done.

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Geetha Jayakumar 12 September 2014

A Beautiful poem with great message. It's sad he toiled his whole life and was assured of inheriting the farm. Finally when will was read he was just left with a few acres and house. This is one fact of life, where many people have been cheated. But the best part in this poem is to let it go off and forget it and be happy with whatever the little has been left with him. I loved the you presented it. Loved reading it.

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Ramesh Rai 19 September 2014

A poem is read in many ways like what message it carries style of writing etc. Here i can see the magic of words. Sing to an easier tune, He will become immune, To the lifelong lie, As he looks up at the black sky, Hazel is the name of poetess who is fully drowned over emotions and pace of her emotions are more vibrant. Thanks for share

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 September 2018

A sad story based on injustice and cheating has been so touchingly and incisively delineated. Beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.10

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Mizzy ........ 12 September 2016

Nothing should be taken for granted.......This is a fine honest write Hazel.....I could feel your energy in the words......Life can be so unpredictable!

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Such a moving and well written poem. Great work Hazel.

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Jak Black 05 November 2014

Another good write Hazel. A sad tale but these examples of selfishness and greed seem to be cropping up all too often in this day and age.

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Akhtar Jawad 28 October 2014

Very sad story, it happens in our society too. I have seen a few movies with this theme. Sacrifices and fatigues were ignored. The law of inheritance played its role. A question remains, are we made for the laws or the laws are made for us! ...............10

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