Bleeding Mascara Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

Bleeding Mascara

Rating: 4.1

Crying eyes,
Bleeding mascara,
Love in disguise,
Emotions that will scare-ya,
Long hard fantasy,
Loneliness into dreams,
Life testing our sanity,
Solitaire is peaches and creams.

C T Heart 07 November 2008

You have a fine piece here, thoughts provoking only for few spelling check pls. such as; lonelyness(loneliness) , Solitire(solitaire) , Peachs(peaches) ....nice read. Thanks.

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Chocolate Bunny 07 November 2008

short, simple and to the pont. Also did i mention good. Great poet. good job.

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Stacey Watts 08 November 2008

Great job on this I loved the way you wrote this. 10

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Viola Grey 09 November 2008

this reminds me of my favourite much to be seen in a small canvas...nice one

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Egi David Perdana 14 November 2008

art of life, a bleeding heart, like me

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Carissa Mcbride 04 February 2013

i forgot about this poem :) very nice Carissa McBride -formerly bleeding mascara

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Philosophy of a DewyFlower 02 September 2009

I likek the title! a good work!

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Carissa Mcbride 02 December 2008

cute poem.............. -bleeding mascara

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Anjali Sinha 01 December 2008

lovely! ! ! ! ! i liked this presentation keep writing and sharing I like your poems they are fun +++++++10 anjali

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*Trusting You* 16 November 2008

Love in disguise, great line. sometimes we do hide behind our love or are always trying to find it in the wrong places. *Purkey Girl*

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