Definition Of A Good Guy Poem by Esther Leclerc

Definition Of A Good Guy

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What is a good guy, she wanted to know.
The other said, 'In my experience, 'tis he
who never hits you whether high or low;
he comes home from work to watch TV;
plays some with the kids then tells them to go.'

She said, But what about love and the rest?
The wife replied, 'I used to know about that...
Once, with affection, my face and hands he kissed;
he'd hug and caress me with touch passionate...
I didn't know a loving heart wasn't beating in his chest.'

The wife carried on, 'Yes, he's a good guy:
he shouts a lot, it's true, but he pays the bills;
he just might notice if I lay down and died;
only now and then does he give me the chills...
No, he isn't much on love, and I don't know why.

But... yes... he's a very good guy.......'

Patricia Gale 31 July 2006

To only have those few words to say is so sad. Passion has went out the door and didn't say good bye.

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Chuck Audette 31 July 2006

I like your rhyme scheme and the emphasis it gives to that final line. Fine poem of love and relationships and how it is not really between just the two, but a third, Time, always as well. - chuck

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Duncan Wyllie 31 July 2006

Is he now! ! Umm, be nice to Esther she one of the good ones Love duncan X

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Anna Russell 31 July 2006

Achingly poignant. Nothing beats true love, bills paid or not! Hugs Anna xxx

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Will Barber 03 August 2006

'Bills paid': a wondrous thing. Other tasks are fleeting. Love takes many forms, and so Love the lover that you know. Passion fades with fading years Friendship grows - and Faith endures. Perhaps I'm wrong, I've seen a side Of love that ended upside-down: Mortals locked in suicide Pacts that made immortals frown.

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Cj Heck 11 April 2007

Ahhh, yes... a good guy. It amazes me how men mellow with age - the old habits are still there, but it seems they lack the energy to be obnoxious and ornery any more! LOL I certainly can relate, Esther, and I so enjoyed this poem! Love, CJ

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Ted Sheridan 23 February 2007

If we live long enough we all become good guys....cause we lose what it takes to be bad...I mean good.

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Barry Van Allen 17 February 2007

Esther, That is pretty close to what a good guy is, but not quite there! NOT to be confused with a ' perfect ' guy! I would be interested to hear your take on a ' Good woman '!

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Scarlotte Ibis 09 January 2007

I definately relate but could never quite put it into words! Good job Esther! !

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jack russell 20 September 2006

A classic case of familiarity breeding contempt! A good man is hard to find, but a hard man is good to find...oops...did I really say that :) A well expressed, if sad and 'matter of fact' summary of the flippancy in modern relationships... Take care :) Jack.

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