Go Ahead....Laugh Poem by Meggie Gultiano

Go Ahead....Laugh

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Go Ahead....Laugh

They say..laughter is the best medicine
I say, laughter is a natural expression of joy
The musical sound of a happy heart inside
The serenity and pleasures it gives.

I thank God for the many friends i met
Friends who give me joy and pleasure
Friends who are gifted with laughter and giggles
And share with me their chuckles

A cheerful heart, will drive your sadness away
A laughter a day, will stretch that ugly muscles a day

So go ahead and have that hearty laugh
Just don't let your neighbors hear and see you
And think you are crazy...nya ha ha..but they are, anyway..LOL

psst..have a good laugh..go ahead, and i'll laugh with you, too..he he he

Naseer Ahmed Nasir 26 January 2009

Very true Meggie, laughter is a natural expression of joy. Nice write and a good laugh. Thanks for sharing. Would you like to share my laughter in my poem ' Why does loneliness Weeps....' Regards Naseer

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Thanks Meggie for sending me to your head for a laugh... tis funny and yes... much welcomed... I post giggles and aroha, Deana xx

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C.R. Clark 24 January 2009

We definately need to laugh more. In fact, I think it's almost impossible to overdo it. Great poem Meggie, I love it. May your day be filled with hilarity. Richard

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 23 January 2009

that poem breought out the sun in me today thank you

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Lynda Robson 23 January 2009

I'm laughing Meggie, you are so right laughter is the best medicine in the world, 10 Lynda xx

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Anie Vans 25 April 2011

Gave me a nice little chuckle. Thanks.

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Vaibhav Pandey 01 February 2009

what a great message you gave through this poem......I am laughing.............. hahahahahahahahahah 10

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Bob Blackwell 31 January 2009

Meggie thank you, you brought a smile to my already happy face. Why be sad the world is full of joy, we just have to go and find it. Love Bob

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Marvin Brato 28 January 2009

M any people laugh e ven at worse remarks. g reat ones also laugh, g o for comments i ndulging humor. e njoy the good side of it!

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Greenwolfe 1962 27 January 2009

What a good message for people. I can tell something about you from your writing this piece. You are a person of joy. Nicely written. Worthy of our precious time. GW62

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