H A L L O W E E N Oct.31st: Legions Of Evil[ Helloween Fun In Northern California; Short ] Poem by Bri Edwards

H A L L O W E E N Oct.31st: Legions Of Evil[ Helloween Fun In Northern California; Short ]

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‘Tis Halloween.It's best to stay at home,
as, on this night, Legions of Evil will roam.
It won't be safe outside for you OR me;
each stately oak will become a stately ….

At dusk " T H E Y " approach with horrid scowls.
As darkness descends you'll hear wolf-like howls,
mixed with deadly-sounding Un-Earthly growls,
enough to grip the most stalwart bowels! !

Could these children, in masks, be by Satan-sent ….
to each neighborhood, our peace and quiet to rend*?
You'd best have stocked up on plenty of candy treats, ….
NO toothbrushes NOR quarters! T H E Y …seek Sweet Treats
....Or Else!

Pray for rain.

(October 27th ….2018)

verb: rend; 3rd person present: rends; past tense: rent; past participle: rent; gerund or present participle: rending
1. tear (something) into two or more pieces."

Monday, October 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: america,candy,children,fun,halloween
Growing up in the U.S., i 'loved' Halloween.On (or about) that night, we kids could don costumes and/or masks, and seek candy (mostly) treats by walking door-to-door to homes along our semi-rural road, calling out TRICK-OR-TREAT to whomever opened their door to us.[sometimes our small city also had a parade for costumed-kids to show off themselves]

we carried bags or other containers for collecting the candy, and once back home, we might dump the goodies on a table, investigate our 'haul' and trade with siblings to try to get the candies we most desired.

unlighted doorways were usually avoided! and unwrapped candy i suppose.

BOO! ! ! (that 'sound' is supposed to scare YOU! Did It?)

bri :)

"these days".....[partly perhaps due to news items years ago about razor blades found in apples (treats?) , and pins as well].... some cities have organized daylight Trick-or-Treat events, especially for 'smaller kids' accompanied by adults, often involving going to participating businesses who give out treats.
Douglas Scotney 29 October 2018

Australians call candy lolly, Bri.

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Darwin Henry Beuning 30 October 2018

Bri, Enjoyed your poem! ! I rate a 10. Here in Utah, Halloween is suppose to be a cold, rainy night.

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Valentin Savin 31 October 2018

Well done Bri, I appreciated it very much. In the USSR Helloween was never celebrated. We heard of it and it was understood as something bad and not desirable here. Sort of dancing witches. Since the destruction of the USSR and the restructure, our new Russian rulers adopted this day celebration here.

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 31 October 2018

Beautiful Halloween poem in colorful attire. Fantastic rhyming. Happy Halloween. Last year I was there in Seattle for Halloween. It was an unforgettable evening on the streets. (10)

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Savita Tyagi 31 October 2018

Happy Halloween. I am just waiting for doorbells to ring! This is one of my favorite festival. Today it is coinciding with one of NorthIndian festival celebrated for the welfare of children. Enjoyed your poem.

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Mj Lemon 26 November 2018

Bri, this is phenomenal. The first stanza reminds me of Poe. Much of the rest of the poem takes me back to toddler years. Now I'll place this verse among myfavourites!

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Tom Allport 17 November 2018

An interesting write about American trick or treat night, which some here in Britland now call extortion night? Because it is frequently heard Candy or your car/ windows get egged by those lovely little mischievous devils called children? What ever happened to duck apple on a string night? And roasting chestnuts on a fire? They were the good old days when you could go out of your home and leave the door open without worrying about ever being robbed.

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Valsa George 12 November 2018

Beautiful poem. I have been there in Port Charlotte, Florida at my sister's house during Halloween. It was a great experience seeing houses with innumerable carved pumpkins and grotesque Halloween decorations. Children and grown ups came in groups dressed as witches, ghouls and monsters. My sister had to open cartons of sweets to give away to each. This poem has revived all those memories in me.

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Bharati Nayak 05 November 2018

To darkness, demons, ghosts or witches most children fear as they read them in fairy tales.This festival, I think, is a way to meet those scariest characters in a positive way and to drive out those fears from our mind.To roam in the night, meeting neighbours and strangers , may make them familiar with the people staying in neighbourhood.

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Bharati Nayak 05 November 2018

I hope , both children and adults must be enjoying this festival. I know about this festival from news, stories and your poems.How did this festival originate?

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Bri Edwards

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