Hold On Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

Hold On

Rating: 4.7

When love creates
Dispute and
Ours enhance honesty.
When love increase
Predicaments and sorrow...
Our increase cherish.

When this perilous game
Turn to be perilous,
When these lion jaws
In a doves mouth,
Turn to be detrimental,
Our love proclaim peace.

Yes this is a dangerous game,
Yes we are no corkers.
But nobody is perfect,
Even the prophets,
Preachers and Popes.
Let us hold on together,
Let us hold on together.

When wind abduct us,
When people mislead us,
When eloquence tear us apart,
Lets hold on together,
And rectify our mistakes.

And bear in mind that,
'Men are from Mars and
Women are from Venus',
And learn to notice
Our mere differences.

So we can live as
Fearless doves in our
Love land.

Where there's no place
For torture and greediness.
For prevarication and retaliation,
And preserve our love
By loyalty and holding on together.

Lets creates harmony,
Lets paint this gift
With love colours and
With joy and adoration,
Where love slaves and tyranny,
Where frail and dingy things
Are not preserved.

A place for you and me,
A place for me and you,
A place for us,
T o embrace each other,
To hold on together,
With our deep and everlasting emotions
Of warmth and tenderness
And mutual devotion.
Lets hold on together,
Till the end of time,
Lets hold on together,
Lets hold on together.

Ittai Jonathan Muyengwa jr 04 December 2011

I love the metampho structure in that poem. Great combination 'Lion jaws in a Dove's mouth'.

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Kara Towe 05 December 2011

A really lovely poem, really enjoyed, inspirational. Thank you for sharing :)

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Eric Cockrell 07 December 2011

passionate faith in love... very good poem!

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Sajna Kailas 08 December 2011

yes nobody is perfect! Actually that is truth and fact! but now a days people modified this sentence as ' nobody is perfect, I am the nobody' this is the attitude of modern generation! ! ! ! ! anyway nobody seems to be sincere in this world! your poem is an appeal for the fake identities! ! keep it up! God Bless You! ! !

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Kara Towe 08 December 2011

Beautiful and so meaningful. You've touched my heart. (:

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Kara Towe 06 January 2012

Beautiful! ! ! Really love it! ! ! :) [3

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Ramesh Rai 31 December 2011


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Hans Vr 29 December 2011

This is a masterpiece, Siyabongo. Fantastic write. The joy of love, the holding on to our commitment I love every verse of this excellent poem.

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Yho! Yho! Am realy lost of words, when you right its as if you intend to amaze..buty ofcause that's the intention of all poets, and above here, is sometjing out of this world, amuseing would be an under-word for a recognition of this poem... Thanks for shaing it bro.... Wow! !

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Crimson Love 18 December 2011

This poem is Truly incredible, every word of every line was simply perfect. Very well written, my friend.

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