If I Forget You Poem by Sayeed Abubakar

If I Forget You

Rating: 3.7

If I forget you, Love,
No dove
Will sing in the forests;
All the sparrows, leaving their nests,
Will fly in the blue sky
And die
No spring
Will come more on this earth;
Animals will stop giving birth
To calves; civilization will come to an end;
And God will send
All happiness to hell for good;
It should
Be so because, o Love, if I
Forget you, every thing will be meaningless, wrong and lie.

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: love
For Alma Lorena Lopez Velazquez, the Eurydice of Mexico, my vida
Hamid Negah 05 November 2012

You are right, life without love is useless...i love you poem.

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Dawn Ferrett 05 November 2012

This as a very beautiful poem, Sayeed, yet not too soppy or sentimental. Loved it. I rated it a 10! Dawn xxx

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Stevie Taite 04 November 2012

Strong highly emotional poem! It is like you are scared you will forget someone who is no longer here! Lost but never forgotten! Interesting structure that kept me hooked til the end!

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Hazel Durham 04 November 2012

Beautiful heartfelt poem with great rhythm and flow, great write!

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Aminath Neena Haneef 04 November 2012

I liked everything in the poem except that I feel that you could have used another word in place of cows which to me isn't very romantic. However, it is just my opinion and it may not be the best. Anyway, I like the flow and style of this poem. Lovely!

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Gillena Cox 12 April 2013

such depth of feeling; giving meaning to living, is truly to love sincerely

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Anil Kumar Panda 29 November 2012

beautiful poem.emotion is dripping from every lines.liked it.

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Abaka Blessing Anastasia 22 November 2012

i thinx i can say it goes Bah bah Bah bah BAH. I love d powerful rhymes. good 1

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Far Lapenna 16 November 2012

Wow. You hve written it so well, that I can picture it vividly. And on top of that it isn't sentimental, I can imagine that you are just stating the obvious :) Great poem

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Elizabeth Padillo Olesen 06 November 2012

Sayeed, very deep way of loving, that everything seems meaningless because it is only this love which matters and gives meaning. Very romantic and passionate indeed.

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