If You Only Knew

If you only knew, that life hasn't been easy. My curse called life started at five when my mom and dad got seperated. A few months later she got remaried to an Indian guy. Every time I srewed up he gave me the coat hanger. One day I got tired of it, so I took a baseball bat to his head. The cops came and took me to jail for assualt. I spent two nights in a juvinel detention center. The judge put me on probation and said I had to behave or I would go till I'm eighteen. Me and mom lived in some apartments. I met a kid who'd become my best friend. We were friends for three years, then one day he was found dead. We then moved out of that state. Still not sure why? We settled into a trash motel, I was told this was home till she found a job. I met a Russian kid, who I soon found out was trouble. Trouble I could use at this point. Every night we would go out and find it. From stealing to dealing. I did this for four years, till I got caught. Sent to jail and told my probation was being extended till twenty-one. We settled into another hole in the wall. I started to attend school for the first time, Fifth grade. I ended up dropping out at twelve grade cause I had a family to raise. Now look at me, I'm all washed up. Nothing left, Its sad. I lived my life badly. So I'm giving you a warning don't follow in my footsteps. I beg you.