Leave It Behind Poem by Ruby Honeytip

Leave It Behind

Rating: 4.4

I will not let define me, what happens behind me,
I am tied up with important stuff.
If my tushie is fair, only takes up one chair,
If it fits in clothes, that is enough!

'Does my bum look too big? ' is another girls gig,
I never look back for diversions.
If I choose to not to see it, I don't have to believe it,
I can dream up a thousand new versions

The one in my mind, is quite well defined,
It's tanned ‘til the line where it's not.
It's smooth and well toned, shaped like 2 domes,
Like a ripe peach or apricot

I don't mind the ruse, I simply refuse,
To miss out food that's delicious.
If it's up to my answer, I have the form of a dancer,
Look behind me, I'm boootylicious.

If you have a problem, with a butt that's been wobblin'
On every given day of the week
Take a tip from me, pretend you don't see
Or I'll tell you to kiss my cheek; ^)

© 2012

Spinal Tap never had a problem with them!
Red O'mara 26 November 2012

Lovely. Riotously funny. A girl and her bottom. Must be a slim volume there.

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Joseph Anderson 28 November 2012

Way to go girl- I admire your attitude as WELL as your poetry.Unique. to say the least. Keep at it

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Valerie Dohren 28 November 2012

Bit of a bummer this Ruby: -) hahaha - love it! !

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Lyn Paul 29 November 2012

FANTASTIC! A real womans poem. Plants a smile and Beyonce would love it! Go Girl! I am having problems though, it won't let me 10 it! ! ! ! ?

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Sweet hilarious write. And your advice at the closing. I don't have to think twice which to choose…

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Kevin Patrick 12 December 2012

A true inspiration for women everywhere, a little rounded is good for the bobbing. Keep in shape is a state of peace not what people want. Sweet Job Miss Ruby

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Dave Walker 10 December 2012

A great poem, really put a smile on my face.

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Owain Glyn 03 December 2012

There are many of us with more behind us than we have in front of us, long live irreverence!

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Stevie Taite 02 December 2012

I am wetting myself laughing! This is so funny Ruby, what a fantastic poem! You are a beautiful woman, you have it all! ! ! ! !

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