Leave Me Alone Poem by Amy

Leave Me Alone

Rating: 2.9

Leave me alone
Yeah you heard me. You
took part of my life i'll never
get back.
and for that I say
Go, Leave me alone
Do you understand me?
You played your part, and let
me say it was very convinving
Well the curtain is down so
Go leave me alone
do I make myself clear? ! I have
had it with the stories- a natural
if you ask me, but seeing as I
don't care anymore
I'm asking as nicely as possible
Go Leave me alone
Wait, Please stay!

Bernard F. Asuncion 02 February 2018

Amy, such a good poem...congrats for being chosen...10+++

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Kite Remedy 29 January 2009

that happens in our world, Amy.. Nice write..

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Catrina Heart 17 January 2009

wow! ! ! what a poetic monologue you made here...10

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Jayatissa K.Liyanage 02 February 2018

Bonds are of numerous types. One may think that every bond is breakable, but in reality some are unbreakable. One such bond, candidly expressed in a wonderful poem. Congrats for being the member's PoD. X

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Anil Kumar Panda 02 February 2018

But the last line changed the plot. 'Wait, Please stay! ' is the truth about your feelings for him. Nice poem. Congrats.

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Suzy Marebra 02 February 2018

I know what you mean, good poem.

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James Mclain 02 February 2018

Amy, congratulations on your poem of the day.. James McLain

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Edward Kofi Louis 02 February 2018

Pain! ! Stain! The curtain is down. Writing out your heart. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Savita Tyagi 02 February 2018

Go away! Oh no please stay! We rock on that swing day and night! Great expressions. Congratulations.

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Valentin Savin 02 February 2018

Well penned. Wow, what a poetic monologue. I loved it and I mean to translate it into the Russian language. Thanks in advance.

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