...Love Me For Who I Am Poem by Eyan Desir

...Love Me For Who I Am

Rating: 4.8

I'm a creature
Short of great beauty
Without great riches
Short of excellent
Sometimes I make mistakes
My love isn't perfect
It's not my fault
Sometimes love is like salt
I am a Cherry
I'm not the sweetness
Other are sweeter
The grass might be greener
On the other side
Love me for who I am

My beauty live within
My love is unique
It's one of a kind
It has honesty
Plus Integrity
It isn't the greatest
It come to please
Take it as it is and
Love me for who I am

Ency Bearis 14 April 2009

a nice intriguing poem... the inner side must we offer thats they way we measure how beautiful we are.. and we cherish it for their golden heart. nice write...

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Raj Arumugam 14 April 2009

wonderful lines and good thoughts

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Ravi Sathasivam 14 April 2009

nice poem, well expressed. thanks for sharing sharing with me. If you have time then please read my new poem ' Lost of life'

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Christina Smith 16 April 2009

I like the way you express and explain yourself, a well earned 10! ! Chris x

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Nic Leisure 16 April 2009

great poem it has a nice flow... and good pick of words to it, keep up the good work

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Janell Cressman 09 May 2009

bravo! ! ! ! it is beautiful! !

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It seems like you've taken my thoughts and written them down! ! ! Such a fantastic poem! ! ! ! ! Truly honest, and you've bared your soul. How brave you are! Great job!

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Mona Martinez 02 May 2009

wow. i love that. word for word the whole poem is true in so many ways. just love me for who i am, just says it all.

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seeking unconditional love! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! loved it best of luck given 10

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Excelent Eyan. Very sentimental, i could feel the heart!

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