Never Say Die (Part 4) Poem by Dee Daffodil

Never Say Die (Part 4)

Rating: 5.0

Please read parts 1-3 first

The search party went out
About three hours after
Her husband had awoken
And realized she was gone

Nearly every cop available
Had been called out
To walk her route
They thought...maybe a heart attack

They found her about an hour into the search
Her prayers were answered
They stayed strong for her
She was one of thier own

Though it ripped through thier hearts
And they wanted to cry
Though it sickened them...
They remained strong...for her

They called for a supervisor
They called for forensics
They set up a perimeter
And processed the scene

She was carefully covered
And loaded onto a bus (ambulance)
Then taken to the hospital
To see what could be done

They had found her... near death...
Partially clad and a bloodied mess
Still pinned to the ground by her neck
But clinging to life

They found him nearby with a knife through his throat
With her one last last breath
She'd broken hands free
Grabbed the knife and stabbed! !

Stabbed for all her might! !
Summoned anger, hate and will
And finished him
In the moment he had lost himself in her

She would no doubt take time to recover
She would be haunted by the voice...forever
But she was alive...
And that was all that mattered!

By Dee Daffodil (HW) January 19,2007

Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 19 January 2007

E N C O R E... E N C O R E.......M A G N I F I C O! Indded a storied tale of epic offering....This 4-Part Series brimmed with verve,3-d image, inventiveness & overall outstanding craftsmanship...Clerly one of, if not your best work...Or at least, one to take voluminous pride in...Kudos to you, Dee! ~F. j. R. ~

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Francesca Johnson 19 January 2007

As I have said, Dee, the title gave me some hope, after reading the first three parts. And thankfully, it all ended well. Now I can get some sleep........... phew! Love, Fran xxxx

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Geoff Warden 19 January 2007

Very well done DEE! ! ! ! !

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Diane Violet 19 January 2007

Awesome series Dee.............

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Tranquil Ocean 19 January 2007

A spectaular ending to a great series! Well Done! ! TO

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Chuck Audette 01 February 2007

Oh, you misled me down that pessimistic path so easily in this one. Nicely finished up, great little action/suspense piece. Maybe you should write for CSI? -chuck

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Alison Cassidy 27 January 2007

Great read Dee. Something tells me this is a true story too. You keep the reader's attention until the last exciting moment. Excellent poem. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxx

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Barry Van Allen 27 January 2007

Dee, Two things : (1) 40 ... and you know what that means! I know that you do not care. (2) If you threw that computer in the trash... GO GET IT! NOW! ! !

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R H 24 January 2007

Phew! A gripping narrative told with great skill. I'm glad that her strength and will to survive shone through in the end - sadly this is not always the case...well done Dee. Justine

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Esther Leclerc 23 January 2007

So nice, so good to read of victory in this scenario, seldom seen in reality. Here is to all the victims/survivors who didn't get their victory. Well told tale, Dee.

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