Paupers Poem by Hira Akhtar


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Pensive about those people
I am hushed with shock
Their beliefs becoming cripple
In life, growing dark

Paupers embellishing grieved huts
In the neck of the woods
Illicit sites, awfully unswept
Kids being beggars in childhoods

Overwhelmed by superstitions,
Immensely necessitous for money
In their visions,
Beg, eat and don't worry

Nabbed by critical misery
Bearing nil aim for life
Ignorance, the very cause of poverty
In pauper's society, peace cann't survive

Drowning in the flood of illiteracy
I year for soon they'll cluntch at a straw
Yet indocrination is the first priority
'Only aware countries evolve'Tis nature's law

Before long, the Sun of fortunes
Aggrandizes with lavished energy
Its heat will scorch all the sins
Pauperism, will meet death ultimately

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: poverty
Well I choosed this topic for my poem because I've seen small huts in my city at very dirty places and evironmenat very hazardous.Nearby small ponds and all the mosquitoes germs are there and the painful thing is this human beings like us living there.They have no facilities and such people migrate from place to place with their huts when they are forbidden to build thier huts at illegal places.The children of such people are illiterate which is spoiling our new generation very badly and being a barrier in the dear homeland's developmenet.I am very much grief stricken about it.And the thing is such people become a danger for their soceity by committing different crimes to fulfill their needs and mostly are addicted to begging.I have seen many adults absoutely healthy are begging.This is because of ignorance.Poverty, about this word I would like to say that no one is poor we become poor ourselves becoming sluggish and spending life without any purpose.A new born child doesn't know he is rich or poor so he will be what he is taught and i think pauperism should be quit.Where there is a will there is a way.They should do some work instead of beingbeggar.We should beg from God only and depend upon Him and then see how He blesses, For He is very merciful.Our Government should also be awared and as far as i have read God blesses with a ruler according to the people and we should not blame our rulers because we are like this first we should improve ourselves.And in my country people having degrees are sitting on shops and those with forged degrees are sitting in conference rooms so it also discourages some other people.And corruption is the on the top of all the problems.Well, i conclude if we people start thinking about our country deeply and become united to make Pakistan a prosperous country then who can be obstacle.No one
The people like Quid are needed to improve our conditions.We are connstantly moving towards lowness.But if we hold hope and never let it go we will be soon a firm country.InshAllah
The most important thing Islam also forbids to beg so I am really really desire for my country to improve and to excel in every field of life if and only if we become follower of islam's teachings and learn and teach eagerly. :)
Khairul Ahsan 07 August 2013

I am glad to know about your concern for the poor, the disadvantaged class of the society. The poem adequately expresses the feelings of your tender heart. The problem is not easy to eradicate. Spread of education and establishment of moral values will help ease the situation, but first of all, the politicians of the country must decide what type of a country they would like to build and they would like to be a part of. The note could be curtailed to add to the meaning and the theme of the poem. However, I liked the following part of your note: in my country people having degrees are siiting on shops and those with forged degrees are sitting in conference rooms. I hope, after attaining requisite educational qualification, you will find a way to involve yourself in some efforts to ameliorate the condition of this unfortunate section of the society. I appreciate your poem.

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Hira Akhtar 07 August 2013

Thank you so much Sir for encouraging :) I am delighted

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Yasmin Khan 08 August 2013

Hira dear, when I weigh the serenity of your thoughts against your age and experience with life, this composition puts me in surprise. It's highly admirable that you could make such a sore of our society a subject of your poem and wrote about bare facts. You are right they are unaware of the gravity of the situation. can we say ignorance is a bliss for them? Your poem evokes serious thoughts. Keep up sweet girl!

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Bright Morn 15 August 2013

Mature thoughts, I wasn't expecting such from a girl of ur age am greatly amazed by it.this piece shows that u are improving ur skill day by day Great job

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 16 August 2013

great message, beautiful rhymes and of course good poem great job

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Usman Arshad 22 August 2014

You are always genuis about everthing

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Akhtar Jawad 26 May 2014

A poet is he, who feels and then expresses it in a beautiful and impressive manner. You have these qualities.

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Amitava Sur 22 September 2013

A well thought poem expressing the concern for poor & illiterate people's misery, what did touch the heart.

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Amitava Sur 22 September 2013

A well elaborated poem about the poor & illiterate people's misery. And ultimately the deep concern for them which touches heart.

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Shahzia Batool 20 August 2013

your poem is important from the angle of a deep thought-process in this tender age... spellings and grammar areas are important too for the grooming, we all should focus on it, but i give you the credit for your serious approach more than everything else! ! ! very good! ! !

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