Show Me My Africa! Poem by Siyabonga A Nxumalo

Show Me My Africa!

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Show me my origin...
Show me my land...
Show me my Africa...

Shine and support the spirit of UBUNTU.
Take me back to where i belong,
Where birds fly well peacefully,
Where every creature is happy.
Let me hear African stories,
Let me see its natural beauty landscapes.
Show me my land...

The land of great heroes,
Where Nobel peace price winners were born.
Where fighting and murder is a sin,
Where all people wish one thing,
Where all people preach one thing,
Where all people practice one thing,
Where everyone wants PEACE.
Let me hear those voices of hope...

Land of admissible and prosperity,
Where cultural diversity means nothing, but
Brings us together as valiant regiments.

Past is the past and let us let it pass...
Show me my Africa...

Where robust and intrepid people lives,
Where the beauty of cultures reflects.
Let discrimination be the history
And believe in the beauty of Africa.
Show me my origin...

Let me venerate and cherish its traditions..
Let me be the true African.
Take me back to Africa.

Show me my origin,
Show me my land,
Show me my AFRICA..

('ubuntu' is a Zulu word meaning humanity)

Kara Towe 08 December 2011

Absolutely GORGEOUS! May your desires come true. Thank you for sharing. The world is a better place with you in it!

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Jinal Oswal 13 December 2011

Beautiful poem, I Love Africa.... You what Siya, someday I am going to come to Africa... Since my childhood I have wished this... the place where people are simple, live peacefully, happily, helping each other... the animals so lovely, living with people... no harm just their charms... where love is in the air... I loved your poem.. its innocent Africa :)

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Jacqui Broad 02 December 2011

Proudly South African! With a beautiful poem like this I can forget about bad characters like JM, who damages the picture of peace and tranquility. Viva to ubuntu! Viva to a beautiful country and its multi cultures! Viva to this great poem!

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Unwritten Soul 03 December 2011

Live long with glory Africa... :) I am not African but we love all and everywhere right? Love people to have victory has no limit...Go Africa and Go Siyabonga, Jacqui...Go stand for your countries...The beautiful landscape, the strong people, , let rise again..and for everyone just stand as you and love them too...Siyabonga, this is your role to be a leader for your community..I wish only the best, dont stop your voice to make it high..fight for your people, fight for your country and fight for everyone...we need the strong voice to wake up :) ..Keep it strong Siyabonga! ! ! ! ! ! ! _Unwritten Soul

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Kwathi ukuqalwa kokulityalwa kweengcambu sanoboka isizwe, Kwathi ukulityalwa kwezithethe laxhaphazeka ilizwe, Kwathi ukudelelwa kwamasiko wonakala umzi omkhulu, Kwathi xa abantu bephehlelelwa yinzondo baphela ubuntu ebantwini, 'Where there is no vision, people perish' 'And to everything there always will be a season' Hopefully this will pass away, One day the land will redeem itself, as those living in it have pretty much failed along the years, their efforts were more than enough to make a difference but not good enough to bring back the havenly Africa. Bravo! Bravo!

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Show me My Africa is a great expression of love and pride of one's homeland. The Atlantic Slave Trade took that away from our ancestors, our identity, culture, skills and community. Yet, today we African American are the survivors longing to reconnect to our native land. I thank God for allowing me to visit Ghana and received the greatest AKWAABA (Welcome) home of my life. In the words of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah,1957, " Forward Forever, Backward Never.

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Ernest Makuakua 11 June 2016

Show me my Africa Powerful Siya Very powerful Thank you for sharing

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Thando Mashinini 26 December 2011

That was wonderful man. Its nice to see that there are still ppl in South Africa who love poetry. BIG Up

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Dave Walker 18 December 2011

A great poem really enjoyed reading it. A great write.

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Kee Thampi 18 December 2011

we aware of herits Where all people preach one thing, Where all people practice one thing, Where everyone wants PEACE. Let me hear those voices of hope...

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