Surprise Poem by Luwi Habte


Rating: 4.5

The hideous
Was precious
And quite hilarious

The cruel I hopeful
Was merciful
And quite peaceful

The one I know with lots of felony
For sure was not flighty
But so seemly and kind lady

The diabolic one I consider
I was mistaken, she was neither
But discerning, blessed and she care

God is the one who let me see the truth
Who let me find the real faith
From the keen lady of truth

Dedicated to Haben

Kranthi Pothineni 11 July 2009

Everyone commits mistakes but very few have the courage to correct it. Wish you will be in those few. Nice write.

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Ency Bearis 11 July 2009

great write..the theme is a bit of twitch and glitch of presentation in poetic craftmanship..well done..

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Susan Aparejo 11 July 2009

I like the chosen rymes you use in this poem. Its easy to remember especially for high school students presentation.! 0+++. Please if you have time, can I ask favor too? read my poem and do honest rating and comments to make me feel at ease and become like you soon. thanks much

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Omar Ibrahim 11 July 2009

you style is unique....i found it interresting to read you poem...good job and keep writing.

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C. P. Sharma 11 July 2009

A unique style, a profound theme and a lovely poem. We start our relations with mutual fear but if we approach them with a positive frame of mind they turn heavely. So is friendship. CP

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Swatimalya Chattopadhyay 14 August 2009

Very often we have wrong perceptions about people and we tend to become unnecessarily suspicious of human nature.But some incidents created by the Almighty help us do away with these feelings.The poem is a very good reflection of how we transform our beliefs about an individual towards better.Briefly expressed but excellent. To me friend is someone who may not join you at your good times, but will extend a rock-solid support during your bad times, who may not speak a single good word in front of you but always tell good things behind your back, who will maintain hundred percent confidentialityity with you for the shared secrets for ever and above all who will want to continue friendship without any expectations from you. But I am a bit skeptical, at this age, is there any such friend? Or even if he/she is there do we value him/her?

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AkosiDArk Sugbuanon 18 July 2009

Very nice love reading it! ! !

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Malini Kadir 18 July 2009

from the keen lady of truth...I liked this line a lot... friendship is learning to love a person with all his facets....learning to continue to be adjusting to differences and seeing the spice of life together.....

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ah! what a slanty, sane and soulful view of life.... keep wriitng my child

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Nazia Hamsakutty 15 July 2009

Love you for your poems my dear poet! ! ! Love you for your truth & innocense in thought! ! ! Go ahead....

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