View From An Airplane's Window Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

View From An Airplane's Window

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Oh, everything looked far
like tiny toy cars
Living things hurrying
Everything scurrying
And they appeared like doll's houses
or little women walking
in wee coats and teeny blouses
Even big men appeared smaller than boys
as everything seemed dwarfed to mobile toys
And tiny looked the trees
beside rivers and seas
Ah, and ooh the city of light
Dubai lightings so bright
A sea of lights at night! !
Ooh, I'll always love those plane window seats,
At times kind strangers of passengers
favor me with such treats.
Takeoffs and landings always afford us
a fine spectacular view
The scenery's poetic, the feel great
when the plane goes askew.
As God's world is reduced to miniature, to linear scale size
as we watch, as we rise, high up into the skies.

View From An Airplane's Window
Jayne Louise Davies 19 December 2022

Beautiful views. Great poem. Thank you for sharing!

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David Wood 19 December 2022

Yes, a window seat is good in an airliner, so much to see.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 19 December 2022

Wonderful poem to see and read from someone long ago Bravo!

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Richard Wlodarski 19 December 2022

Your timing is so perfect, Poet Kamoonpury. Preparing to go on vacation in the near future. Your vivid imagery in the poem is a pure delight. And a motivator for me to get into high gear. Love the poem! Happy Holidays!

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Ayatullah Nurjati 19 December 2022

We will always appear small in God's sight with an illustration of an airplane window. We can see that we are small, weak creatures. That way we are aware that His power is great.

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Kim Barney 25 December 2022

I love having a window seat in a airplane. Brings back good memories. Thanks for posting.

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M.J. Lemon 25 December 2022

Fantastic imagery. It takes me back to one experience....being able to read street signs with the plane still not quite on the ground. Stellar verse..

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Edward Kofi Louis 24 December 2022

Thanks for sharing.

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Beautifully captured the views. Good

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MAHTAB BANGALEE 20 December 2022

fly, fly and fly high, look everything will be small toy; God is almighty highness overall and everything is nothing to His hall! nice to read your poetic thought

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

s.zaynab kamoonpury

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