Weighty Worries? ;) Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

Weighty Worries? ;)

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Those endless talks of giving the fat a trim
Beauty is now the monopoly of the slim!

Sinuous and slender
The hourglass figure
The thinner, the better.

Dieting and slimming down tricks
ofcourse selling like hot cakes

Tis a pity, I can't eat to my heart's content and desire
for rounded figures they no longer admire.

But as long as scrumptious samosas
keep frying in pans
and delicious pizzas
keep baking in 'em' ovens
it'd be hard to keep the damned calorie count
or to live in fear of the expanding waistline mount.

Ah those mouth-watering deep-fried kebabs
are entirely to blame for my yo-yo dieting!

Gosh to cut down on cheese and butter slab
is one tough way to get rid of body flab.

This war against weight
is weighing upon my mind
instead of being simply plump and straight
I gotta maintain teen contours and curves I find!

You do know this is a war you've got to be winning.
It's those extra pounds and not the war you have to be losing.
Or the other skinny lasses will be staring grinning.

Ah but all young ladies must as well beware
dragoness Anorexia's engulfing lair
or how her crony Bulimia too can ensnare!

So pals better be about ill-health precautious
rather than being overly so weight-conscious. :)

Lasoaphia Quxazs 09 December 2012

You are right. Anyway I found in my (many) years the skinny people have more health problem then the little plump one. And when you get to older age it is very difficult to take off weight. I always believed underneath, that who God loves, he will fatten them up, so now I do not eat too much, but just a few cookie counts and I gain. So, the yoyo is up, but not too much. I know what you mean.

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Karen Sinclair 09 December 2012

Here here! bravo.... the battle is relentless the food so tempting....this is one close to my heart...tyvm karen

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Unwritten Soul 10 December 2012

Yeah too much worries is too bad for health, dont force yourself not to eat...we must eat to get energy just do not take excess food than we need to, always be wise when taking a meal, do not eat when you feel its start to full...if you eat more, then work more..drinking more water helps alot..if you eat a lot do a short jog just for fun..dont think much about weight but think much about health.._Soul

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Eman Obied 10 December 2012

I loved it, totally puts a smile on my face.lots of young girls must give this a read.very empowering!

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A fun poem with a great message! beutifaly written and very very true. You definatley capture intrest, which is good because both tons of boys and girls truly need that message.

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Dr Antony Theodore 18 September 2018

delicious pizzas keep baking in 'em' ovens it'd be hard to keep the damned calorie count or to live in fear of the expanding waistline mount..a very great advice for all those who try so hard to loose weight....... thank u. i hope many young girls read this.. thank u. tony

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Simone Inez Harriman 28 April 2018

I love your poem depicting the woes of losing weight. I had written an in depth comment for your poem however poemhunter insists on a 10 -300 restriction and refused to post it. Absolutely infuriating after spending time on a comment. Nevertheless... a resounding 10

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Laurie Van Der Hart 04 February 2017

I see you write on a wide range of topics. A humorous take on this topic - very true that slimness is over-emphasised, and our worth as people judged on our outward appearance. But balance is needed of course. It's a real battle for some people.

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Farah Ilyas 30 May 2013

hah aha a bit humorous poem with great message inside, we should take meal according to our body need, don't take excessive stuff, do preference to your health rather than weight, when priority is given to health, every issue will be settled automatically...bravo, nice poem

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Ruth Walters 23 January 2013

haha I love samosas, not so much pizza's.... I can take or leave chocolate but I'm still a little rounded: o)))

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