Beads Of A Broken Necklace Poem by Sameer Ahmed

Beads Of A Broken Necklace

Rating: 4.9

Falling in a disorderly pattern, they
Vertically leap and glance
Strike the ground
Jump and dance
Quite instrumental with tick tick sound
Musical roars they enhance
Threadless freedom they enjoy
And scatter in a trance.


comatose 01 July 2009

youre good with words,10

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Sandra Fowler 03 July 2009

Your broken beads dance to a nostalgic tune. I like the phrase, 'threadless freedom'. Something a bit poignant about this one. Excellent, Sameer. Kind regards, Sandra

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Ben Gieske 03 July 2009

Nice mini movie of broken necklace. The last line is a creative way of describing the end. I like it.

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Antonio Liao 04 July 2009

a decadence of memories settled in the most respected master piece of reality....wonderful my friend...such a lovely to a dream of Tomorrow’s off dream....thank you for your is a medicine for those felt empty....a 10 +++

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Bob Blackwell 04 July 2009

Beautiful poem, no strings to hold you, means a dance of joy, for threadless freedom. Bob Blackwell 10+

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Brian Jani 07 July 2014

as i can see you are an observant , i never knew a poem could be written about necklace beads.well done Sameer

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Vaibhav Pandey 14 July 2009

sameer, I really love it.....I can feel that music through your beautiful poem...10

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Gul naz 14 July 2009

and i m in trance after reading ur poem................very rhythmical and true to heart

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Parveen Tahir 12 July 2009

but some beads are so precious that once come out of a broken necklace disappear forever, get out of sight and life.......... besides my feeling poem is beautiful

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Naidz Ladia 10 July 2009

this is nice to read..expressive..naizz

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