Friday, September 26, 2008

**** Arc Of Soul Mates ***

Rating: 4.8
The arc of my brain reshaped for
The room to fill senses and madness
Acronyms and seduction amalgamated
Boundaries of essence essentials
Drawing the lines of segregation
The day would come when the sun
Touches the earth and everything turns
To dust but it’s you and me
Remnants of love’s great
Bolstering history of ancient trade
Centuries left shying away

Remember when death calling on us
Gardens of soul mates winding
Thames River became wild
Kilimanjaro’s peak crushing to debris
Birds of Nazarenes cease to fly
Virgin Alice refuses marriage
Red nights seem eternal
The moon no longer shines
Sounds of music blistered the ears
Little house on the prairie abandoned
Cell phones stop ringing
Netizens quit surfing

Remember when our bodies were buried
Hurricane pays earth a visit
The oceans swaying and coastal flooding
The trees were browning
Snows avalanching
Icebergs melting
Catastrophes seem to elope with human casualties
Shrines were filled with chants
Worshiping our names
Oh dear, Oh me
What’s these got to do with us?
It’s the seals and bindings of our hearts and souls
Eventually capturing theirs
An epic….....
Sulaiman Mohd Yusof
Kat , sorrow 14 January 2009
The end to all is close, god help us all. Great read, I in joyed it alot. Thank you. Love, Kat sorrow
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Jena Massabni 26 November 2008
this poem is so amazing. you are very talented and a very original writer! keep it up!
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Ahmad Shiddiqi 25 November 2008
I feel the descriptive of world's end. am I right, brother?
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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 20 November 2008
The extracts from Yehezqel's comments: From: Yehezqel Blah (India ;) To: Sulaiman Mohd Yusof Date Time: 11/20/2008 2: 36: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject: Good afternoon, Sulaiman! it's afternoon over here. 'Arc of Soul Mates' is a BIG poem. It dares to carry the weight of the eternal ramifications of LOVE - a subject so close to my heart because of it's profound ramifications and unimaginable abuse. 'Arc of Soul Mates' is a huge poetic tribute to love, though it appeared too weighty at first reading. It is a Victory song for love. Thank you very much.
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Shimon Weinroth 10 October 2008
well done with many clues and footprints of history and literature, somehow some of the meandering rings incompatable a bit affectatious though indeed the saga is worthy and interesting 10
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Jathin Aka Jesuzz 10 October 2008
mind is ur soul ur worshipper...........nothin more to say..
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Melvin Banggollay 08 October 2008
another witty display of deep excellence. thanks for sharing, melvin
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Jennifer Her 06 October 2008
awesome! like it very much! ! ! ! ! ! !
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Maxislam Beauty 06 October 2008
It's beyond the new century that is to come.
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Nathaniel Booker 05 October 2008
It can also be said of this piece that it describes love in its purest form. True love shared by two unselfish individuals who are great at forgiving, has the power to move mountains, change the course of mighty rivers, transcend time and space and cause one to go joyously insane with bliss... It is the greatest force on earth, even when the elements and manmade disasters endeavor to snuff us out... even when we can't see the sun... LOVE is the light that shines through the deepest darkness... Absolutely beautiful and thought provoking **10** Be Well
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