Fake A Smile Poem by Crimson Love

Fake A Smile

Rating: 5.0

Upon death I wake,
upon face, a fake smile I immitate,
madness past the average,
I laugh at such sanity,
Crimson is gone she's past the living,
Death touched, held by bones,
I've longed for such an icy embrace,
Swallowed by the euphoria of gasps,
I eat my fate.
A figment of what was,
A past the present longed to forget,
Blinded by specks of blood,
Wrists crying out their immortal love,
They weep because they know
of the smile a farse upon a Sarrowful face.

Abdallah Gamal 17 November 2011

Oh my God! Strong emotions are shown here, once I read it I felt a shiver! Keep up the good work :) You are talented!

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 17 November 2011

Amazing poem Crim, , i give you 10++++ for this one...check my new ones if you have time..great write sister!

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Sakib Choudhury 17 November 2011

A good poem. My favourite line was Wrists crying out their immortal love. Powerful stufff

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Darkangel Flyfree 18 November 2011

powerfully emotionally poetic words that I can relate to. Keep it up! !

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*BleedingHeart* *Arielle* 18 November 2011

WOW that was breath taking very well writen and its such a powerful pieces great job

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Bella Hernandez 17 November 2011

ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! again reading your poems brings so much emotion and passion! your an amazing poet whatever you do dont change! i love the way you write i can relate like no other poem i read b4 ~Bella

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Lenore Lee 17 November 2011

Woa dark and foreboding. I completely adored this poem; as always =)

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Dave Walker 17 November 2011

Very dark again, sometimes you have to look past death, And see whats in the living. A fantastic poem.

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