Shades Of Love (In The Light) Poem by Unwritten Soul

Shades Of Love (In The Light)

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Light is love
Come after the flames
Illuminate bliss in every eyes
Once it comes, lift life high
Darkness cant even deny
Because love is the light
And truth don't lie

Colors of seven
Spectrum in one
One is only a love
And love is the light

From the highest dark sky pointed by the brightest stars
Rolling on the driest land into the deepest oceans
And light illuminates love on any edges it found
Blessed life we may see but a blessing shine we cant count

Let miracle of love bright
As it delivered by the light
So colors of seven freely fly
So blue when it touches the sky
Kisses on the roses, turn petals red
Yellow shining gold, when it warming the sun
Walking shine in the desert, growing green in every step
Spectrum blended into shines for light shading life

Colors in each of you, color in me
Let our spectrum be one
Only one
One is our love
and love is the light
May forever it brighten our hearts

This poem was written as It came to my mind when i writing my next poem, A letter In the wind. It was inspired by many events happened lately; Religion attacks religion, ideology versus ideology, racist, war but what irony is, humanity is none. Beauty of life is when we united, a spectrum shimmer in a visible light. You maybe red, he is blue, she is red, they are green and other is violet.Lot of colors we waste if we so selfishly living as a solely human, respect other life faith, idea, privacy and each of life scale...we are different so we enjoy variety. I imagine if we are a light we are composed of many colors, a spectrum..We may make life beautiful, touching everything with truest colors and it alives like if we touch the dark sky it turn blue, when it touch dry flowers it fresh and back to red. Life is beautiful because of light and light is great by having different spectrum..Spectrum are wonderful because of many colors...There is a beauty in diamond not because the price, but the value..and the value is because of the light, and only with the light then it will be a shine in a diamond..diamond is not much beautiful if no shine. So light is the source of beauty, and light is love, or spectrum
S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 10 October 2012

Wow its not easy to not fall in luv with dis poem on d brightness of love. Enjoyd. Hope u like mine newest.

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Ramesh Rai 11 October 2012

Colors of seven Spectrum in one One is only a love And love is the light xlent write

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Valsa George 12 October 2012

As flowers are strung together in a garland, as seven colours fuse into a rainbow, we all are knit together in love! Great poem! Enjoyed reading it.

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 15 October 2012

Yes, Love is the ultimatum, and eventually more and more people will find it. Everything else in this world is just a business, they might teach about God and Love, but they just want to prosper, and that is it. Your words are beautiful, my good old friend.

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Thoughts Of A Poet 20 October 2012

Light is love Come after the flames Illuminate bliss in every eyes Once it comes, lift life high Darkness cant even deny Because love is the light And truth don't lie * i love that line it; s so beautiful to read it, you should write more poetry like that, you are a great writer, and i mean that from the bottom of my heart

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Kumarmani Mahakul 08 March 2018

Light is love and love is light. Light with price is more valuable. Light is the source of beauty, color, spectrum and love. A marvellous poem in a general truth has been fantastically inscribed and presented. I love and appreciate this poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Edward Kofi Louis 03 June 2016

Rule of Law! The light of the truth is what we need on earth. Nice work. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Chandra Thiagarajan 17 November 2012

The entire poem with in depth meaning reflecting the shades of color and shades of love along with the notes for the poem all bring to the readers mind that unity should exist midst diversity. A commendable poem which should be read and followed by one and all.Thanks for the classic write.Best wishes. Chandra Thiagarajan

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Jahan Zeb 11 November 2012

Extremely touching. Coming from a pure soul. This poem has huge importance for humanity. The importance of variety has been described with skills. Skills because it tells the reality without hurting any color. Colors that are so important in life for identification. Life that is so big a bless that can not be wasted. I love the poem and especially these line. They have much much deeper sense. Because love is the light And truth don't lie Great Soul

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Cosmic Dreamer 25 October 2012

Love is light over darkness as a smile is joy over sadness... I love your poem... Peace and love always... Cosmic Dreamer...

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