Shadow Poem by Unwritten Soul


Rating: 4.7

When you are gone
it never be the same
when you are gone
everything going wrong
when you are gone
i regret all my mistakes

I still remember

when you here
everyday is a new day
when you here
everything is going right
when you here
I'm learn from my mistake
words can't describe how special are u
It is honor to be friend with u

Now you leave us forever
Peace in calm with thousands flowers
Bring this friendship together
Still pray for you now and ever

Even everything has left behind
Our memories keep strongly bind
your shadow haunting my mind
because you are friend that hard to find
Inspired by my late friend who have good deep sleep underground,
Even in death our memories goes on friend :) :) R.I.P

Rekha Mandagere 23 March 2011

Good memories always follow us like a shadow. The poem is very deep in its meaning and form. Rhyming scheme is soothing. Nice son, for presenting such a nice poem.Rekhamandagere

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Shadow Girl 29 June 2011

Beautifully written - no one is ever really gone - just watching and waiting for you in the 'next room'. Take Care - SG

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Walterrean Salley 27 September 2016

loosing someone always is hard. But life must go on. I enjoyed this beautiful, heartfelt tribute to the memory of your friend. Thank you.

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Unwritten Soul 29 September 2016

Thank you Salley, It was long time ago i heard from you..hope things going fine there :)

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Mahtab Bangalee 13 March 2020

beautiful remembrance; beautiful poem penned on the pure friendship though gone the beloved forever all were right all were enlightened all were delightful all were enjoyable on this earth because of you were with me o dear.................... now you are no more that's why i'm with closed door

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Kumarmani Mahakul 27 April 2018

A true friend is always true and he is nearer to 'us even after his death. Our memories towards him become strong and haunting. In this regard it may be quoted...... Even everything has left behind Our memories keep strongly bind your shadow haunting my mind because you are friend that hard to find .................A beautiful poem amazingly shared.10

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Susan Williams 08 March 2018

your shadow haunting my mind- - - -the best kind of haunting. We need to carry our beloved family and friends forward with us for as long as we live and what a lovely way to be haunted! 10++++++++++++++++++

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Richard Wlodarski 10 July 2017

A extraordinarily heart-felt and inspiring ode to friendship. True friendship lives on forever. Great write, Soul.

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Mj Lemon 08 July 2017

A magnificent tribute, Soul. Indeed relationships can carry on beyond our mortal essences.

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Unwritten Soul 09 July 2017

:) Thank you dear, this actually a poem for my old childhood friend...i think we befriended when we were in kindergarten...and when we were 15, my friend diagnosed with brain cancer..a week later i lost my friend....many years later i wrote this because i never write poem back to that time...Thanks again

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