Shattered Piece Now Returned Poem by Unwritten Soul

Shattered Piece Now Returned

Rating: 4.6

Whispering your words for times
Straight to me, to me
Convinced space in mine
Soften the surface to be carved
So your name lies in me
Somewhere in my heart wall
Among with few names
Living around my soul
With me, I do keep yours
Belong to me here

Whenever the words whispering again
Leaked from your name write inside
Drained in beautiful lines
Left in such resonating feel
The feeling and trust skip along the beats
Whenever it dropped to the bottom of my heart
Chant the calm to a soul, this soul of me, mine

In this chamber where my soul living
My secret gallery of my painted stories
Shared with you all the lights, dark journey
Where they remain untold when they move to the lips
As for your name lies in the room underneath me
Surrendering all mine with your name there
As when i feel low you make me strong
In happiness seconds we joy it here

Phases of untrue faces
Like an ice melted to be water
Sooner to vapor and leave my cup
So your name, not a permanently write
As you claimed it to back from my keep
Pulled it to be returned, as if it shouldn't be given
The owner of the name, I shall return it back to you
Let me hear the sound echoes again, shattered pieces
Of heart beat, In my shattering heart

Shattered heart, does it broken? will it be?
Just look at mine, take a piece of yours
Each letter of your written name here
Once made this wall in tightly hold
Just whenever you pulled it away
The door was opened for blood
flowing in continuous bleeding
Wash away all i have for you
Gone, gone, left me none
Did you got what you own?
Keep it well yours from now
No longer it be mine again, again

Among few names of others
Your name was here together
In my heart wall
Now no longer i own
The missing piece sown
With words of those few names
Where hole is no longer drink my blood
To again be the jar where pure loves pooled
And your name? keep it yours dear
As it gone, healed from here

The sun and moon
Spin the earth for new days
Days build life for years
Once again among the time
Your name meet my heart
Whispering your words for times
Straight to me, to me
How beautiful they are
Just no longer convinced
For a little space in mine
Soften the surface for you to return
Though smiles we shared here

Not forgiveness i hold to give you
Just maybe the price of trust gained
After days and years life revalued
Whenever loyalty come
Never it be played
Because whenever it lost
Never return again
To where it was before
Never again

Lending a thought about trust. and how much it cost
So i started to write it using name referring to someone trust.
Whenever you break the trust, it hard to fix. That's what i see many times
Its not about time, its about the memories that give lesson to learn
Few people will give a second chance, most people not let another run
So whenever you have someone trust, hold it as it something
that we should keep. because once it gone, it gone forever
_Unwritten Soul
Ramesh Rai 29 June 2013

written so deeply makes me to think what to comment

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Heather Wilkins 02 July 2013

the shattered shards are hard to mend. sometimes never. good read

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Dinesan Madathil 06 July 2013

Trust begets trust and you are penetrating into the concept rightly. A good write. YourDinesh

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James Mclain 07 July 2013

Unfortunately or fortunately, trust we must at one time or another. At least this way we know we are normal...iip

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Siyabonga A Nxumalo 07 July 2013

great poem _Soul, its very hard to gain trust once you have betrayed someone, that is why we need to make sure not to let our close friends and family down because once they lose trust in you, wining it again is close to impossible. Siya_! !

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Kumarmani Mahakul 02 April 2018

To prove the Lending a thought about trust and how much it cost you have created a brilliant poem here for readers.

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Edward Kofi Louis 06 November 2016

To where it was before! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Heather Wilkins 12 August 2013

it is very hard to regain trust once it has been broken. Probably never be fully the same again.

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Geetha Jayakumar 12 August 2013

Beautiful poem... I am left with no words...I can see all the lovely comments and agree with them..I loved reading your poem..deep and meaningful.

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Rekha Mandagere 22 July 2013

I think this soul is omnipresent. Happy to see him shinning here with his musical verse here. Nice poem.

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