Neo Mashua

Sweetening Smell - Poem by Neo Mashua

Through the cracks of these walls, as high as niagra falls. I capture the sweetening smell, re-awaking this lost soul from burning hell.
Blood flows in rows, oh! I mean veins. Making this smell reign over this human terrain. Feet lock, muscles hard as rock. Lifting me up to standard of survival. I be bloody blessed to welcome my life’s arrival.
Newly born, from a mother’s protection. I’m worn, torn and thrown in this dark world waiting in a dark chamber of death so that my life could be told. Yet in the midst of my ending life my nostrils capture the sweetening yet to be my wife.
Excitement grabs hold of my heart, enriching it with dreams that rip my fears apart. Better than the moon, my heart glows brighter in the dark. Standing under this love light I sing a solo duet, recalling when Romeo caught the smell of his sweet Juliet.
This sweetening smell has gotten me on show and tell. Preaching on how the sweetness sweetens the sweetest spots. Affecting my life, changing my deepest thoughts. Cooking my chest alive in romantic pots. Turning my worries into last year’s coughs.
Yet in this midst of this fort. I win a battle not even though of. Blood spilt, head chopped off and left for dead. Damn! Love has really been sleeping in my bed. Breathing in and out, moaning to a slap, “ouch”. Ejaculating smiles and good moods. Sweetening smell turned this player into a good dude. Sweet, sweet smell has filled my lungs with glucose, cleaning my mind from g-strings, tight thighs and all them who pose.
I stand here in this cold life with nothing more than just a tank top, flip flops and my sweetening smell, which I will not exhale through this journey through torturing hell.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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