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What is black, white, brown, yellow etc
Is it to seperate man
that lead to hate
even rape

I apologize for the wrong
I've done
deep within
the sentimental of my love

Finding something new
isn't always true
the one that hold
your heart instore

Its gone with the wind
but we just begin
Cold as the rain
as it fall through out the night

Why I have to hide
from others
when I am
your husband

Forever and a day
I must say
I love you
Forever and a day

Sitting on my bunk
all I smell was funk
I had no clue
that it was time

Walking the block
where they all pack glocks
from boys to men
police to army

From day to day
they walk the Chain-link Fence
looking for their next prey
not a second, minute or hour

Black as can be
you staring at me
it wasn't meant
to be


In my thoughts, is a feeling of love
Its passion is flowing, my heart is dove
Days of you being with me
Is flying with the wind

It's not a day that go by
I don't cry
the sadness, the happiness, the laughter
the love

Not a day goes by
that we are told so many lies
the hurt, the sorrow, the pain
until we die

For those whom cast stones on me
For all whom shine light on me
I want to Thank you
It's not a second that goes by

In the club
it was flooded
with too many ladies
I felt in love


I am tired of the mess
I am better then
all the rest
why keep putting me

I love it when I see you smile, its like a rainbow in the sky, you bring me so much joy, that at times I go overboard, to see what your love have to bring, I say a four letter word LOVE, you show me a ring, you are a true friend indeed, together we will make a good team, as we take that walk to the altar, I say I do,

Hold your horses every man woman and child
God have a plan so lets stay awhile
What goes up must come down
The things we do will come back to you


Signs are for you to see
they are even on TV
There are stop signs
and signal lights

LaRon Green Sr. Biography

LaRon Green was born in Washington, DC in the 70's but 80's prize. He is a twin. Laron lived a rough life in SE DC. Experincing street ways of living drug, alcohol, sex and money. Going to juvnile hall and adult prison. Through it all he was able to get a GED, vocational trades and a love for writing. Laron now write about his experince in life to better others and he shall live on..... I have a book out come on and support me its call His and Her Lifestories-straight from the streets of DC out through Xlbris and you can buy it through,,, and many more online avenues, Thanks and support a brother of poetry.......)

The Best Poem Of LaRon Green Sr.

A Man Just Like Me

What is black, white, brown, yellow etc
Is it to seperate man
that lead to hate
even rape
do we have any escape
Society has always
since the beginning of time
dropp these very same lines
just to cope a dime
for the unwanted to serve
time after time
just for the thurst of blood
through votes and elections
keeping a hand on our minds
by the sword of warlords
to conquer and divide mankind
as they saw it
to one's reap
they was afraid to let us
raise to the ocassion
through literacy, love and one nation
putting cultures against one another
to no notion
being fooled by the golden rules
thinking man was going to be trick
from taking licks after licks
from that stick
only to make him smart and slick
knowing right from wrong
made man strong
to bring us today
'I had a Dream' and 'Change'
our 44th President(Barrack Obama)
a man just like me
has final came our way

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kashiram khandwal 29 May 2019

poems 18

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Mxolisi Vincent 20 March 2009

nice! poem LaRon u have touched my heart.

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LaRon Green Sr. Quotes

'A man is defeated when he defeat himself'

'Peace is reward with self-worth'

'A feeling is only an illusion that will pass away'

'Words is the flow of water that comes dripping out your filthy mouth'

'A chapter is a life experience you will never forget whether good or bad'

'Babies cry when there is no feeling of affection'

Man(mankind) is allow to accomplish what is set forth and visible only belief, faith and UNITY (oneness) can conquer it all

It takes two to mastermind the plan only one(unity, togetherness) can conquer or proceed for results

LaRon Green Sr. Popularity

LaRon Green Sr. Popularity

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