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Rating: 4.8

Its gone with the wind
but we just begin
Cold as the rain
as it fall through out the night
Morning has araise
through all our freight
the sun appear
with the rainbow that is near
Spring has came and gone
with April showers

that bring us May flowers
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Hopeu Likadapoem 18 March 2009

Great poem, more changes on the way for a brand new day? ? ? I hope! !

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Zachary Clark 17 March 2009

Good poem it is nicely done.

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Janell Cressman 14 March 2009

I like it i think it's really good

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(De Va) 25 January 2012

You have poetry in your soul, and in your fingertips you make your thoughts appear for all to see.....I like this poem very much, please continue to feather the storm, as it is a wonderful way to bring it to bay...blessings..DeVa

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Shaun Payton 25 January 2012

I like it, changes are constant, we should always analyze ourselves

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 14 April 2009

Yes my friend only permanent thing in the world is change.........And that changes demand adaptation from us........and if we don't adapt we feel stress..............Good Write..........

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Ravi A 05 April 2009

'Changes are opportunities that comes together with good or bad weather, we have to feather the storm, and let time, love and commitment keep us warm, Changes are here for us to keep communication alive.... Needless to say, this is a very true observation indeed. We should take changes only in the right sense. A good 10

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yeah! change is certain let's endure and move on.....

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