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I apologize for the wrong
I've done
deep within
the sentimental of my love
for you
There isn't no price
that can cover my expensive
but my love and care for you
Money(gifts) is the rule of all evil
that flow

before the eyes
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Tamisha Bellamy 08 April 2009

I like this poem a lot. I wish men could truly apologize for what they do. Great job writing this.

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Scott Daniels 07 April 2009

The more of your work I read, the more I like it. Well done sir. May I suggest expanding your vocabulary and grammar

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Silent Speaker 06 April 2009

I really like this, its so personal. great job :)

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Ency Bearis 05 April 2009

this a very nice write..deep from your heart..to who ever this verses aimed to..I am sure this will touch the person's heart...lovely...10

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she had to take you back. if she didn't.. she has no heart.

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Hans Vr 25 February 2012

Only great men do apologize. It is a true sign of greatness if we can look deep inside and try to see where we went wrong. Sometimes it is obvious but if we do reflect on everyday, also the ones where apparently nothing went wrong, we will become a little bit stronger every day. I really love reflection, the taking of a little bit of time to think, just to think about ourselves, how did we do, did we make a great day for us and for others? how would we rate our day on a scale of 1 to 10 and what can we do to make tomorrow a ten?

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Farah Ilyas 04 February 2012


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Tracey Wynn 06 June 2009

very nice poem, i like it

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Indira Renganathan 21 April 2009

A real touching apology well penned...nice write

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Ency Bearis 09 April 2009

a sincere offer of apology deep from the soul..nicely presented and written..

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