Signs Poem by LaRon Green Sr.


Rating: 4.8

Signs are for you to see
they are even on TV
There are stop signs
and signal lights
to tell you
stop, yield and go
freeze before the man(police)
show you the back door
Signs are in your everyday life
pay attention
for the advise
you may think twice
before you lose your life
Deaf people use signs
to communicate
their love, sensitivity, affection
don't have pity
let them use their expression
Judge use signs to determine
your destiny
Whether you go home
or lead off
to where no one
have no grace

living in that place
Teachers use signs in math
to determine the sum of
which will have
plus, minus and equal
to none
It's sad that signs
are even use
in gangs
to mark each other hood and turf
that they never had
thinking they are bad
red and blue
I thought you knew
killing one another
over some rags
we been had
it's sad
Now it's time
to show signs of united
we stand
put down
your weapons of mass destruction
because divide
we fall
hands down
to a degree
of seperation
for no cause
to signs

Christine Kerr 22 March 2009

Another version to Signs, Signs, Everywhere Is Signs. Nicely done Enjoyed the flow. Great write

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i liked it, it built itself up to the end and had a good meaning.

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Muhammad Ali 18 March 2009

simple, deep and nice work 10/10

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