Too Close For Comfort Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

Too Close For Comfort

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In the club
it was flooded
with too many ladies
I felt in love
not knowing that
at any second
it could be my life
I scarifice
for not taking
others advice
A lady came up
for a dance
I took her advance
for a chance
to do the do
for all I knew
she was clean
like a brand new
pair of shoes
until I went to her house
I was in doubt
for her to want
to spread her legs
for what I said
be careful for
what you ask for
I almost been had
until I look in
the medicine cabin
there it was
plain as day
I must say
a bottle of pills
I felt ill
for what I saw
too close for comfort
I was out the door

John Lyday 05 April 2009

Nice commentary on the affliction confronting our capitol right now.

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Barry A. Lanier 05 April 2009

Laron your penning of your world as you see it is always provocative with an underlying wisdom of street smartness, , , , yes in this one describing that you can't always ascertain the package by the attractive wrapping.....

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Joseph Poewhit 01 April 2009

Like the flood of NOAH - AIDS. Back to holding hands, when it meant something.Sex was meant for marriage, until the bunny ears came out of the closet. SAD

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George F. Hunter 31 March 2009

A good one, LeRon. Nice ending.

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Tiffany Fawcett 25 March 2009

Man, that was close.

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