Facing Death With Them So-Called Friends Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

Facing Death With Them So-Called Friends

Rating: 4.5

Walking the block
where they all pack glocks
from boys to men
police to army
they all have your
one way ticket
to death
being buried
in your socks
like birds in a flock
My Uncles
always told me
to be the man
you have to defeat
the man
any means necessary
I thought
running around town
being bought
in their words
I sought
with no reality
in the end
I must defend
my circle
or go down
in hell fire
of bullets
facing death
like it was tooking
I realize
I wasn't the badiest
man alive
I took a dive
going up against
the boys and men
in the street
I wasn't thinking about
being defeated
their guns wasn't
as powerful as mines
I had them all paying me
every cent, nickle and dime
to live and dine
police or an army
couldn't touch me
it was like watching
a one man army
on TV
messing with me
It was my so-called
I wish
I didn't ever met
We all getting locked-up
you know what they done
hoping for the best
facing the judge
they dropp down
a gave them(US Attorney)
what they wanted
to save their lives
for mines
they scarifice
me going to trial
I knew
I didn't have
no win
I stood strong
facing death
to the end
with them
so-called friends

Anthony Abiodun 28 March 2009

Good work...life is about what you do for others and what they do for you

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rago rago 31 March 2009

In the poetinc sense why u are giving a hard/odd man picuture. Spread peace and a beautiful fragrance around you. U know very well the students community of US is the culture we want in the world. But I like the way you presented it is fine and I appreciate your work.

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Annie Girl 31 March 2009

friends that u think are really truly ur friends aren't they go behind ur back...... i know how that is....... we all got to choose carefully who our true friends are in the world we all live in

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 31 March 2009

My Uncles always told me inorder to be the man you have to defeat the man...............wondeful line..........truly i learned something new today........Good Write........10+++..................

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 02 April 2009

Facing death with so-called friends is painful but this is world, cruel and cunning.

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Perry Biggerstaff 25 January 2012

Laron....very nice. There is a sad strength in the words. Words from the heart and from experience. Always poetic....always spiritual.

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sky dreams 06 June 2009

powerful piece.. awesome write 10

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John Lyday 05 April 2009

A poignant, angry piece. Well done

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Rajkumar Mukherjee 05 April 2009

Dear Mr Green, It's a beautiful poem with poignant words woven with practical imagery. It is not easy to say, 'they all have your one way ticket to death' OR 'in order to be the man you have to defeat the man' OR 'I stood strong facing death to the end with them so called friends' So though not agreed to mentally, we are to sacrifice our ideals for a higher cause, but our committment should be firm, Good flow of words& rhyme.-Thanks for sharing. Rajkumar-10

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Joscelyn Alderdice 05 April 2009

This is a brilliant poem! ! Well done! !

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