Chain-Link Fence Poem by LaRon Green Sr.

Chain-Link Fence

Rating: 4.9

From day to day
they walk the Chain-link Fence
looking for their next prey
not a second, minute or hour
pass by that they don't growl
to make you bow
They swipe at your present
to make you fear
at their next auction
they cheer
hoping you will do
as they command
for the next dance
For every man, woman and child
you must stay alert
for the session
or you will be fresh meat at chow
to teach you a lesson
Take heed for every deed
inorder to survive
on their next try
escape through every means
showing you will not be
for the mainstream
to feed their warm and wealth
letting them know that
we are all connected
by the same Chain-link Fence
that will someday bring us
all to our death

Zachary Clark 17 March 2009

Good decription of life as we know it.

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(C) Michael Arnold 24 March 2009

Great poem LaRon...really loved this one. Will read more when time permits.

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Abi Whitaker 24 March 2012

cool it :)

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Shaun Payton 25 January 2012

Great work/analysis/ love it

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Eric Cockrell 21 January 2012

all to our death, all to our life! good, thought provoking poem!

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Ency Bearis 09 April 2009

significant verses.......

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Abhijit Banerjee 05 April 2009

designed to impress? ? ! ! nei..jst impressive..10

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