The Turtle In The Eagle's Claw~the Hour Of Doom Poem by Bulent Karaalioglu

The Turtle In The Eagle's Claw~the Hour Of Doom

In World War 3 I don't know what weapons will be used, but I know that in World War 4 there will be stones and sticks.
- Albert Einstein
'War is the continuation of politics by other means (means of violence) '
-Carl von Clausewitz
According to Hawking, it is impossible to avoid events that will wipe humanity off the face of the Earth. These events could include cosmic events such as a meteorite impact, as well as events such as artificial intelligence, climate change, genetically modified viruses or nuclear war.

I. Presumption - in the gypsy clause,
'A gypsy woman in the dark night when the lightning flashes
He was picking cucumbers in the field
-I'll see the cucumbers and pick them up.'
This model is the safest and most natural, the gypsy woman will continue to pick cucumbers in the field, provided that the owner of the field does not catch her.

Prediction II - The field will be flooded because of the rising tide.(Climate)
Or cucumbers bitter from drought and thirst will surely be bitter. Bitter cucumber to the bitter life of the gypsy woman

III. Prediction - Depends on which side of artificial intelligence the gypsy woman is on
If the field owner uses artificial intelligence
Gypsy woman will starve to death
No, if the gypsy woman is using it, it is in the process of capitalisation.

Prediction V. A meteor will hit the earth just as the gypsy woman is picking the fattest cucumber. Not only the gypsy woman
Millions of people will die.

V. Prediction- Cucumbers will be irradiated after the field nukes. Or the field as we know it
It will turn into a minefield
Woe gypsy woman woe

VI. My prediction - cucumber lying sick at home due to epidemic disease
He'll only see it in his dreams

VII. My prediction- While picking cucumbers in the field, such a lightning will flash that he will be so happy
When you're saying 'flash, my God, flash', the laser from the spacecraft shoots the prick in your hand with a gun.
He'll shoot the gypsy woman for thinking.
The gypsy woman will go on picking cucumbers two minutes before doomsday.
The meteorite will hit the earth and we'll die.
The encounter with the alien race we so badly want
As Hawking said, it's like the encounter of the 'Indians with the Spanish soldiers'.
The consequences will be dramatic, we will die
The climate will change, droughts and floods will kill us again.

Artificial intelligence will become a race and we will die.
We will die in epidemics
We'll die in World War III
In any case, like death from death
Two minutes to the doomsday clock.

The bullet lodged in the broad forehead is the question
The doomsday clock is two minutes to 12.00 midnight.
The world is preparing for a global war
Atlantic and Asian countries will clash
Heaven and earth will come together
The sword will never be sheathed again
The Black Sea will warm the gun on the wall
He'll wait for the moment when it explodes.
Olympus god of war MR PRESIDENT
You'll be reluctant to bury the hatchet.
You will not rest easy. You'll strap your fancy harness to the chariot and send it to the Black Sea. The Black Sea will struggle
A child's answer to the bully in the far neighbourhood
He trusted his brother in his neighbourhood
And the price of defying the bully
To be covered in blood and gore.

It's easy to start a war, it's hard to end it. Look, a bewildered Georgian leader was eating his tie in anger at Saashkavili.
When Zelensky lost the war
When your country's in ruins, stop eating ties.
You won't even have the tibia to eat your shoe, Texas boy.
When he loses the war like the Vietnam War, he will return to his country and the cows will not drink the black sea.

Civilisation will collapse
Sun and cities
He'll turn to dust like a vampire
Nuclear fungus will block the sun
This is the war that will change the climate
The wars of the past were between countries
Future wars will be fought in underground cities
It will happen. Nuclear winter will come. Small armed gangs will appear. Chocolate will disappear.

This is not a drill
It's not a kindergarten art exhibition. The insane arms race
Feed the breeders.
Marketing the warring world

Two minutes to the end of the world.
It's amazing you have the time.
We haven't burnt the last book with a flamethrower yet.
The last doctor of the last two remaining humans,
We haven't buried the last soldier
Your time to live will be extended or reduced to less than two minutes
For mass extinction
All apples in one basket
You're as safe as a tortoise's tortoise

First we must start with what not to trust
You will not trust politics and politicians
You will not trust religion and clergy
Especially the clergymen in Mercedes.

Religion, as has been proved, acted together with emperors and executioners.
The most dangerous politicians were clergymen
The most dangerous clergy politician
Religion will never be the brake

Like riding a bike
We will stay away from those who chew the homeland, nation and flag like chewing gum
Chew by chew to the chewing gum factory
Being a partner is the skill of political tradesmen

Religion, as has been proved, acted together with emperors and executioners.
The most dangerous politicians were clergymen
The most dangerous clergy politician
Religion will never be the brake

Like riding a bike
We will stay away from those who chew the homeland, nation and flag like chewing gum
Chew by chew to the chewing gum factory
Being a partner is the skill of political tradesmen

Religion is born capitalist and dies capitalist
Politics and religion are the soul of capitalism
Religion and politics are like a bent penis

There is no religion to curb politicians
All religions speak of universal love
When there's a war, you don't just side with the politicians.
They compete with each other to sanctify war

The gods of every religion
The people of Byzantine Constantinople were slaughtered by their co-religionists, the crusaders. Didn't the Muslim steal the shroud of the Muslim in the Arab Spring?

Isn't that the real problem?
It is as if man is fighting with centuries-old mud giants... When will you think that the world's blood groups are human beings and not enemies when they erect monuments for the dead?
It's a game of hurt.
Not the end of wars if we open a door in the universe to the game of hurt
It would be the end of man and civilisation
In the world of truth
'my country, my people'
He has to be only one of the wheels of the car in the mud.
In the selfish market, man is the wolf of man.

. Die or be killed.
You will choose between hero and killer. When elephants collide, the grass is trampled
Man is already half savage and every war makes man savage. The price man pays for being a herd
It's tantamount to immoral breeding.

Let's remember together.
According to estimates, the number of people who died in World War I is between 16 and 19 million. The number of dead soldiers is estimated to be between 9 million and 10 million. The number of civilians who lost their lives is approximately between 7 million and 9 million. The total number of injured soldiers and civilians is estimated to be between 20 million and 23 million.

World War II
An estimated total of 70-85 million people, or about 1940% of the 1940 world population (an estimated 2.3 billion) , perished. Deaths directly resulting from war (including military and civilian deaths) are estimated at 50-56 million, with a further 19-28 million deaths from war-related disease and famine. Civilian deaths totalled 50-55 million. Military deaths from all causes totalled 21-25 million, including the deaths in captivity of about 5 million prisoners of war. World War II casualties -

In wars, heroes die and industrialists win. We won't trust the capitalist
They've become such snow zombies
They pollute the air and nature.
Let me remind you.
The bourgeoisie stole the revolutions from the people.

A thousand and one tricks of the oppressors,
The oppressed have a game.
While the capitalist diamond is shitting, all the peoples of the world are dying the aggravating death of bloody diarrhoea


eagles throw turtles from great heights onto rocks to break their shells. They feed on them. Tragedy never loved comedy so much. Ironies have never
he didn't like irony.
Aeschylus, the father of tragedy.
Today, an eagle killed a turtle by mistaking its bald head for a rock.
from a national lottery ticket
It's like winning the biggest jackpot

For Aeschylus, the turtle in the eagle's claw is a small apocalypse
The great apocalypse for us humans
Peoples and countries of the whole world
You are the turtle in the claw of the capitalist eagle. You're the turtle in the claws of the capitalist eagle.
You will feast on yourself

At precisely 12 o'clock
They'll put the vocal cords in a tiny box
They'll cut and slash, you'll shout
You won't make a sound. At 12 o'clock sharp, you'll be smashed like a turtle.
Protecting water and our minds...
Laws are not enough to protect water and our minds. Consciousness and awareness, when you don't use the courage to use your mind
You won't be worth a sheep shearer.

Ten times poorer in World War III
You're a hundred times dead.
Two minutes to the doomsday clock
It is like a cancer patient taking poison to hasten his death

By the time we realise that tanks are not lawnmowers, it will be too late
How many frogs will we have to kiss to kiss the prince?

16 April 2021
Time: 05.15

Apocalypse Option near you
I) Meteorite or planet
II) Climate change
III) Epidemic diseases
IV) invasion of the world by the space race
V) artificial intelligence
VI) Nuclear or World War III
VII) all
VIII) With the murder of Caesar
Roman civil war

The Turtle In The Eagle's Claw~the Hour Of Doom
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