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Welcome all of you, lovers of poetry.
Don't look for poetry " of mine" here; this is not my point.
I stopped writing poetry long ago because I believe it is better to be an honourable interpreter than a mediocre author. What I had written in the past has now become inaccessible since I was deprived of my home.
I am a mere actor; and, as a ...

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Brother Humans (François Villon)

Brother Humans who live after us,
Do not have hearts hardened against us,
For, if you take pity on us poor,
God will sooner have mercy on you.

The Quote (Das Zitat — by Martin Niemöller)

As the Nazis arrested the communists
I have remained silent,
I sure was no communist

‎إذا استطعت أن تحتفظ برأسك ‎عندما يفقد كل من حولك
‎ رؤوسهم ‎و ينحون عليك باللائمة
‎إذا وثقت بنفسك ‎عندما يفقد كل إنسان ثقته فيك
‎و لا تترك مع ذلك مجالاً للشك

Emberi-testvéreink, ti, akik utánunk élnek,
Ne legyen ellenünk megkeményedett szív,
Mert, ha irgalmazz nekünk szegény,
Isten irgalmas lesz néktek korábban.

Si… (Rudyard Kipling)

Si tu peux conserver ta tête quand tous ceux qui te côtoient
Perdent la leur et t'en tiennent responsable.
Si tu peux garder ta confiance quand tous doutent de toi
Tout en sachant ne pas mépriser ce doute.

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19 November 2014

If we think that what unites us is stronger than what divides us, we stand a chance to win. But if the idea that what divides us might be stronger than what unites us does but flash across our minds, we have already lost. In situation, in the original French: Si nous pensons que ce qui nous unit est plus fort que ce qui nous divise, nous avons une chance de gagner. Mais si l'idée que ce qui nous divise pourrait être plus fort que ce qui nous unit ne fait que nous effleurer, alors nous avons déjà perdu.

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