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I am a 19 year old visual and literary artist. If you have noticed, I have no poems on this site. I have my various reasons why I do not post my writing on here, but I assure you I DO write. I am solely here for critiquing, so if anyone wants to discuss anything with me, I will gladly listen and I promise that my imaginary gaze will not make you implode. Currently, I am majoring in visual art, but in one year I will be transferring to voyage through the literary realms of English. I am very fond of Black poetry and so I am especially nit picky on anything written on the subject of Blackness or historical events in Black history since I avidly research on the topic. My favorite books of poetry are 'Brutal Imagination' by Cornelius Eady, 'The Black Poets' which was edited by Dudly Randall, and 'A Wreath for Emmett Till' by Marilyn Nelson (I memorized it, it is quite a brilliant book) . I do not fixiate myself only to poetry. I like to write analytical essays and creative non-fiction. I have yet to approach the novel, fiction or even a sestina, but I am working my way towards it. I would like to have a career as either an editor or a literary critic. However, if I end up as an English teacher/professor, overall I will be content. If I fail, there is always visual art to fall back on (unfortunately) . I try to have an appreciation for all forms and am always excited when a new verse form is born (eintou, paradelle, etc.) Poetry can be about discovery and many people are reluctant to experience it. People trap themselves in the the disastrous cliche and overused figurative language. As a result, the masses will hear the same type of poem from a million different mouths, but not a million different perspectives. Sometimes a poem has fluidity and will come easily to the mind. Other times, it will take hours, even years of endless editing and the polished form will emerge. Studying art has affected my views of the aesthetics of poetry. Many people avoid poetry because it seems limited to words. But even with limits, creativity arises underneath the strain.)

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