Treasure Island

How does Treasure Island work?
Poemhunter is going into a new era of membership. Members will belong to a category of ranking based on their participation in the website. Every member will start off as a rookie with a ticket to the Pirate Ship. As the member spends more time in PoemHunter and gets more active, he/she will get an entrance visa to the Treasure Island and permission to do digging in the island afterwards. Then, more activity will lead the member to bronze box, silver box and finally the golden box.

Titles Given to Members based on their ranking

Rookie Rookie (0-500 Points: Ticket to the Pirate Ship)

Freshman Freshman (501 – 1,000) Points: Entrance visa to the treasure island)

Veteran Veteran (1,001 – 2,000 Points: Permission to do digging inside the island)

Bronze Star Bronze Star (2,001 – 3,000 Points: Bronze Box)

Silver Star Silver Star (3,001 – 4,500 Points:Silver Box)

Gold Star Gold Star (4,501 Points and up: Golden Box)

Activities and Points members earn in Poemhunter

Activity Point(s) Daily limit
Reading a poem 1 50
Submitting a poem 20 200
Rating a poem 2 20
Commenting on a poem 10 200
Answering a survey 5 5
Liking another poem or poet 1 10
Getting a 'like' for a comment 3 50
Liking another member's comment 1 15
Inviting a friend to join PoemHunter 5 50
Signing-up of a friend to PoemHunter 40 40
Having a poem added to My Favorite Poems list by another member 10 50
Activities of the friend that joined PoemHunter 1 70
Getting a comment for poem 3 60
Getting a comment for poet page 3 60
Being in Top 500 Poets 8  
Being reported -1  
Submitting an unsuitable poem -5  
Submitting an unsuitable message -3  
Inactivity (not logging in) for two weeks -15  
Inactivity (not logging in) for three months Drops down 1 level  
Getting a 'dislike' for a poem and/or poet page -1 -5

Hunting for the Treasure:
We will pick a topic every week (e.g. love, art, passion).
In that particular week, we'll insert yellow boxes to 100 poems within that topic. Whoever catches those poems will get 25 points for each poem caught.

Most importantly, we will be placing colored boxes within different poems in our site. You will be hunting for those boxes in order to earn extra points. These poems will be picked randomly.

There will be:

10,000 yellow boxes: 25 points each
500 blue boxes: 300 points each
300 red boxes: 500 points each
200 green boxes: 750 points each

Lucky Poem: There will always be 100 lucky poems within PoemHunter website. Whoever reaches one of those poems will automatically climb up one level.

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