Erin Thomas

Rookie [Zahhar] (Riverside, California)

Erin Thomas Poems

1. An Invocation 7/18/2013
2. Silhouette 7/18/2013
3. Hush 7/20/2013
4. Release 7/22/2013
5. Dancelight 7/22/2013
6. Lapse 7/17/2013
7. Presence 7/21/2013
8. Legacy 7/20/2013
9. Inhumation 7/20/2013
10. Raven 7/20/2013
11. Emanation 7/24/2013
12. Evanescence 7/24/2013
13. Spires 7/16/2013
14. Pulp 7/20/2013
15. Aeolian Strains 7/21/2013
16. In The Shade Of Suicide 7/20/2013
17. Guardian 7/17/2013
18. Tillage 7/24/2013
19. Blast 7/22/2013
Best Poem of Erin Thomas


Misguided angels struck them on their beauteous heights,
Then rotting frames collapsed in flames from carious heights.

Demons vie for rights to control and destroy the masses,
Commanding herds to slaughter from their devious heights.

Sheets of fire consume in the name of good intention;
A rain of steel tears homes apart from dubious heights.

Huddled against fierce wind and cold on the mountain slopes
Refugees watch their cities burn from various heights.

A wide-eyed child points toward flares and thunderous sounds;
His blood-caked mother cries ...

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An Invocation

          O grant me rain from out the sounding clouds,
        and flash against the backdrop of my thoughts
      an inspiration wrought by subtle minds.

    Dissolve the soughing haze that clings to all my dreams
  and wraps confusion round my spinning soul.
Unveil the primal light obscured in stellar dust.

  Release creative flow like prismed floods

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