A Coach In A Man's Life

If you have a of not been faithful to your girlfriend\wife, Because you called your self a `PLAYER` its ok, I have no problem with that, but do not be surprised to wake up with the shock of your life when you learn that your wife/girlfriend is now an international coach whilst you just a local comboni player.
Appreciate a woman in your life. She is your treasure, cherish her because she is unique, Love her because she has opened her heart just for you. Respect her for she is a catalyst of your success, protect her for she has a fragile heart like an egg.
Remember your lonely days, she kept you company, remember that day you were angry and fustrated with life, she gave you hope, Remember when your temper was high and you almost allowed it to control you, she neutrilised it. Remember that day you staggered with life, she gave you a hand. Remember that day you were embaraced with yourself, she embraced you, remember that day you cried, she gave you a shoulder.
Do you remember when you cheated on her with another woman? That day when you grew big head and took her kindness for a weakness, you went back home with stains of lipstick on your shirt, you saved your concubines number as `Low battery`
Do you remember that day when spanked on her face and made her a punching bag, for your wrong?
Do you remember the moments you lost your manners and injured her her in public?
The moment you stopped being proud of her and rejected her in public like you were Peter in the bible.
A fragile heart you always broke, the trust you betrayed, and the great woman you made vulnerable because of your doings.