Patricia Kelley

Rookie - 36 Points (March 11 1957 / Oklahoma)

America's Light Is Going Out - Poem by Patricia Kelley

There are some things going on in our country.
That hit me in the gut.
I see America falling into a rut.
I'm just trying to figure out what we're trying to achieve.
As of November 2012, we had 47,692,896 people on food stamps.
We're not even sure that we can trust our banks.
My America that once was the lighthouse too many, now stands alone in grief.
I'm sorry I just see us sinking deeper with no relief.
America is being stolen as we knew her by a silent thief.
We now have been introduced into Obamacare.
Americans are allowed gender change operations.
Americans are allowed abortions going against their employers' belief.
Yes, we have seen change.
We see a once proud country sitting alone in despair.
Beyond repair!
I haven't even mentioned our national debt that surpassed ten trillion, when Obama took office.
America's debt is now 16.5 trillion.
Most Americans not even sure if they should remain civilians.
America is mortgaged out to the hilt.
Feeling the tight belt,
Wrapped around her once proud humble neck,
Feeling like she's a wreck.
America's light is dimming going out in her country.
Now we have gun control.
With over eleven million illegal aliens crossing our boarders, you want to take our guns.
Leaving us defenseless, making some feel relentless.
We can't even stroll.
Our once safe streets because of the violence,
We've been introduced to by street gangs.
We're feeling all of America's deep pangs.
But, we cannot be left defenseless.
Because someone is senseless,
Our country, our home, and children are in jeopardy.
We have sadly lost yesterday.
Unsure of what America faces tomorrow.
Feeling her sorrow,
We see America's light is dimming going out in her country.
Pray for America that she will once again be a beacon of light to other countries.
Pray that her light will stand bright burning in darkness.
Americans light your candles.
Be the candle in the wind that never goes out.
It's time to shout.
Let your voice be heard.
We can't afford to stay silent.
America's light is dimming going out in her country.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I'm concerned about our country, us debt clock

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