An Orphaned Pair Of Shoes Poem by Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

An Orphaned Pair Of Shoes

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On Twitter
Was an old picture
Of a few mothers
Grieving over two coffins.

Omar wrote below
'When I look at this picture
I wonder what does the war mean.
Only flags change,
The faces of mothers
Remain the same! '

Now we do not know
In which jail is he
A prisoner!

In his study
A pair of shoes
Lay orphan.

Erdogan's Turkish police
Who dragged him away
Refused to allow him to wear
His shoes and face mask.

Human Rights
Given for a toss.

Aggression of power by religion
Forebodes ruin of the nation
Whether it is Turkey or India
Whether in the name of Ram or Rahim.

While democracy roars
In the cyber space
Its guardians look
The other way.

Poet's Notes 1. Omar: Omar Faruk Gergerlioglu, Member of Parliament, Turkey, Human Rights activist, Kurd leader.2. Erdogan: President of Turkey, elected ‘democratically' as Modi is and Trump was.3. The first part of penultimate stanza is attributed to Omar Faruk.4. If it is Omar Faruk in Turkey behind the bars, it is Omar Abdulla in India. If it is the Kurds in Turkey, it is the Rohingyas in Myanmar or Uighurs in China.5. Democracy roars in cyber space: Champions of democracy have raised their voice in support of Omar and his cause on various social media. So have millions. But, shamefully, the so-called World's largest democracies are reluctant to break their silence.
Susan Williams 30 January 2023

powerful words selected well---a poem deserving of more than 5 stars

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Susie, thank you for the appreciation., for the good words. So happy to see you active on PoemHunter. Thank you

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soren Barrett 05 July 2022

Tragic but war is as old as mn and it doesn't look like it will change soon. Well written

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Thank You for your time and the magnificent words

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Bri Edwards 05 June 2022

I used to support Amnesty International, but, as with other 'things' i've 'done' in my lifetime, I no longer am affiliated with it, BUT IT MAY be a group to look at.

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Sure. Thank You Bri.

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Shining Sun 14 April 2022

Nicely written. I felt great reading the poem

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Feel immense pleasure that you enjoyed the poem. Thank You Poet

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Autocracy has the same face anywhere

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KOMBE SAKWE KOFI 08 April 2022


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Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

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