Autumn Gust Poem by s./j. goldner

Autumn Gust

Rating: 4.5

The artist is the artist is the
lover is the destroyer
is the creator.

Combative in nature.
Eternal in life.
Annihilated in love.

Stoic hands of incandescent grace
and he is erased.

Nimal Dunuhinga 03 November 2007

Autumn gust brings the reality it seems.

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Alison Cassidy 03 November 2007

A fine allegorical poem in which nature becomes art on a mere gust of wind. 'Stoic hands of incandescent grace weave and he is erased.' I wish I'd written this - superb. love, Allie xxxx

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Uriah Hamilton 04 November 2007

No single definition for artist or lover will suffice, but this is very powerful, Uriah

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James Niles 09 November 2007

makes we want to dive into a pile of fall leaves breathing most deeply

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Will Barber 11 November 2007

Shades of Shakti, dancing on the corpse of Shiva. Creation is impossible without destruction - and this spare verse is eloquent and meaningful. Truly, this poem destroys expectation of a sweet verse imitative of Sara Teasdale! - Will

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R.k Das 02 January 2012

so much said in so few words, , thanx

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Yoni Assis 28 June 2010

WOW! This one's going in my favorites.

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Salu Salu 19 January 2009

the weird thoughts indeed is different that makes art. rgrds/salu

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Ridge Cahill 16 December 2008

Awesome in every sense of the word, truly. The grit that permeates from this poem is delicious.

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C. P. Sharma 13 December 2008

he is erased.... and he is frozen in his creation to find a new birth for a strange new world and the world says he is a unique artist each time he paints anew but him the world could never view. CP

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