Atef Ayadi

Beauty And The Spill - Poem by Atef Ayadi

You are talking
A language
I do not understand.
You do not!
Your mouth spills
Something beautiful and abstract
Not even in alphabetic order
Or numerical order.
It just a spill
Languages and meaning of words
Are like a gift
Are passed from hand to hand with
The gift is a gift;
You have but to look for the right hands.
I do not seeing that.

You are spilling
Like eating junk food.
It does not matter for you,
Your mind is lost somewhere
And you do not care.
I often hear “I do not care! ”
The mouth of who does not care.
And I do.

So lady why
You spilling words
And your petite slim hands
Dance on the table
Without notice.

Why all this makeup
One inch thick?
Why you are blacking your hair?
And sitting with the gray hair?
Is your life over?
If so,
Why you do not sit alone?

Why all these colors,
On your dress:
Black, black
A tiny oceanic blue spot
And a spill of purple around your neck

A black cowboy boot
From the old west?

They mean a lot
Without meaning anything.

Why you do not put the right dress
For the right moment,
The right color
For the right person,
For the right table,
For the right place,
And for the right season?
Is it too much for you
Or just a spill as usual?

Why woman
You are wasting my time by looking at you
And you are looking at me
And your companion
Or man
Is looking no where?

There is nothing mysterious about you
Except the spill.

Why you came from far
And express nothing
But a spill?
It is a waste
Of your mileage
Human sacrifices?
If you come to this planet for a reason
Why you came over
To this place without anything extra
Or extraordinary?
And why you came back anyway?

Why all this boredom in your life?
A death row
Is made for boredom
And for the show;
Another type of fun and sacrifice.
Are you bored,
The boredom itself,
The death row,
The show, and
The fun, or the spill?

So woman,
What is inside you?
Is it the real spill?

If so,
Why you wasting my time?

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