Kareem Itunu Azeez

Can't Believe I Sent You Away

You remember those days, when i ere'
those times when my fragility was been tested, you always come around to pick me back up, from the depths of shame where my peers dumped me,
still cant believe I sent you away

Do you remember those days, when I trusted you with all my weaknesses, I was never alone in spring's, armorial bearings, and during summers emblazons,
Downtown you walk me gallantly through shame and through fear, what more could I ask for.....
still cant believe I sent you away

Do you remember those times. when we both had nothing bothering us,
when for sure you always told me to go, even in the deepest of my rudest moments, in my ancestral home where I was once slave to lust, you told me to ride along, and all that fell, falls into places with you....
Still cant believe I sent you away

You were the Star, I was just the dust, yet I very much acted like the real deal, you were humble, you wanted nothing in return, but the Truth.....for this truth I decided without thinking
I taught it would be milk forever at the other side, but now my tongues are pieced with thorns...
Still cant believe I sent you away...

You very much remember our carelessness, especially, the troubles I put you through,
how I bite the lion's tale, and made you pay dearly for it,
how I entered into mischief, selfishly, and use your identity to satisfy my insatiable desires,
yet you hug me and say it's all part of life,
still cant believe I sent you away

You haven't forgotten those water lilies, have you? The ones we play with,
they were as innocent as our Times,
those shrubs were as free as the truth we share,
gone be the trees where we built ourselves homes,
now all I can do is watch time heal the wounds I have uncovered,
you were only been sincere,
I was afraid of the truth, I couldn't bare reality,
so I sent you away, not because I chose lies, but because our world is dominated by those who would look the sun in the eyes and still lie,
and you weren't of this world.
still cant believe I sent you away! ! !

Away with my laments! ! , away with my laments! ! !

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 28, 2019

Form: Blank Verse

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