Do Not Tell Me You Don'T Care Poem by Andile Nozibusiso Mtshali

Do Not Tell Me You Don'T Care

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Don't dare pretend you do not care

I can feel it, you carry it in your air.

When you do not return my calls

Hoping I will love you in a pause.

When you talk of your past love

Thinking it will put me off.

When you mock my emotion

Wishing it will dry my passion.

When you dismiss my faithfulness

And compare it so ubruptly to foolishness.

Yet you want me near

But of my undying love you will not hear.

Don't you dare push me away

and trott on my heart as you may.

You have failed your pride

to habour your feelings even in your stride.

You cannot change your need

And my ability to provide.

I know to you I am very near

and believe me to me you are very dear.

So I rebuke your tries

You and I share tighter ties.

Marian Ross 13 May 2012

This is a tremendous, powerfuil poem and is going in my classroom window tomorrow so every teenager can read and 'feel' it - its superb :)

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Some wonderful sense of love, its one of those That reflects how love can be jelous of what belongs to it, I anticipate the emotions that are carried by each verse, nice write there The_African_son

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