Albot George

Fat Feet, Flat Feet - Poem by Albot George

TIME now 12,12
How long will IT' be before I get a text? ? ?
Until then then;
Let's have a little look at a few of your text
And then see if it goes with what I've said
And who knows it might make you feel better

Bad day today, look for U, needed U
Couldn't find U, really hurting sorry xxx

Then we have, doors closed & bolted thank,
Where are we now! ! , on lead hill if U wants to say bye xxx? Can almost hear the
Sound of her flat feet! !

This one might not be from you! Sorry I didn't mean to
Spoil the moment xxx luv u xxx haven't no idea who that was? ?

This one could be about today,
I feel sick with not seeing u today,
This bit is good; did u stay away on purpose? Xxx
This is ‘'hit'' I don't like feeling like this in case you don't remember another letter goes in front
Of the H' I'll try to make it easy for you;

Can't u work it out? Xxx
8 letters,3 words,1 meaning=? Xxx

And then within hours, well don't com past
Anymore if I'm that obvious

You look like you were having a lot
Of fun with () today (good to c u laugh) xxx
The next one ends in OFF! !
"Ok no probs;
No you've carried this on today
And no don't you put this on me I was respecting
What u said on line & then you sent the text so what did you expect then
That's it then
Shame it's ended like this.
And don't bother insulting me online coz I can't get internet anymore

Don't think this one from you,
Unless you've had a weak moment
Sorry I really don't want to hurt the one person
Wait for it! ! I truly love xxx

It could be because the number was the same;
Can u cum to see me first thing in the morning please
I really need to c u xxx

Maybe not then;
I didn't think (now that a surprise)
It was possible to love u more than I already do
(God don't you just love her) and then she say

Thank you for what you did earlier xxx

Didn't last long;
I'm on finger hill now xxx

I'm sure you must have some Gemini inside you
Oh having a little moment now, just a quick smell
From Sunday, can't memories be messy
You must be feeling better if it's tingling

Get this! To live without you is to live without love xxx
If you know who this is answer on a postcard,

And then this the what a star, let me clear my throat for this
How do you feel about a month apart & then c how we feel then?
Coz we can't carry on as we are can we xxx
Luv u xxx
And she back, she might be poorly
She could even be on deaths door
But that still wouldn't stop her from
So here goes then! ! Excited now
I do wonder how long it going to be before I get another, last text?
Ok that wasn't the reply I was hoping for (that would have anything to do with not reading it)
But hey ho, hey ho? ? ? Then the next bit; will do it then
Here we go; all I will say if we can do it for a mouth sorry month then we can do it forever
How long is forever? ? ? ?
It's no wonder I can't see I'm laughing that hard wait for it; if you're not going to put anything on line
Take it all off, I can almost hear you biting you lips (are you really that easy to get going
Pillow will come in very useful then!
Sorry for texting, but had to have the last word (four xxxx, very good
Did you want me to let you have the last word ok then ill not respond
You have a good cry into your pillow xx; you don't have to answer this
But why would you have onions in the bed with you?
Did you or have you read IT'
That a stupid question isn't it
Why would read anything I right
When all you have to do is whatever! !
The last little bit id rote was
I desire nothing when I am with you
Those words say everything to me
I wish they did to you,
I'm in to minds now, back to Gemini again righting on the wall
And all that! ! !
Shall I put this on, or take everything off like you have told me to do
Or shall I remind you who the boss is,
Even that's difficult because you don't read do you
What I'll do is use text talk, (C U NOW YOUR ROUND sorry see u around)
Ho almost forgot I'm in bed very very sick think I have that bug' as well
Albert has it, keeps being sick
Right; ; ;
Are you ready but I'm not one for feeling sorry for myself, and she's back
Everything else gone straight out the window
What does he mean with that?

And don't forget that geminins are part of
The constellation in the northern hemisphere
And it is the third sign of the zodiac
Someone that is lucky enough to be under a Gemini
Get twice as much as anyone else
Anyway shall I right something that's meaning full
For the last TIME that is so full of love, and passion
And desire for the one I truly love

Not so much has wanting and needing something
But to live in the hope that true love
Will never die, or wither away
I swear that my desire
For you still grows
Like thy beauty that unfolders
Night night babe

Topic(s) of this poem: art

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