Heartache Poem by londiwe buthelezi


Rating: 4.4

My heart stops.
Beats again, but faster.
My eyes see you,
seals your image in my mind.
My ears hear your voice,
a sweet rumble that evokes unknown emotions.
My hands sweat,
the thought of touching you crosses my mind.
My feet freeze,
if i move i'll lose a moment with you.
My legs shake; my heart breaks.
Do you know how painful it is
to look at something everyday
and know you can never have it....

Allan Macli Borges 21 March 2009

an beautiful platonic piece. with pure love we can take evrything.. but someday we have to stop watching and start acting. go ahead! ! ! 10 for the poem.

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Ashley Kenny 21 March 2009

Simply beautiful. Good poem.

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anurag duggal 23 March 2009

i know how it feels....... :)

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Kami Henson 24 March 2009

Good poem. I believe even though i'm only 13 that we have all had that feeling and I can understand it perfectly.. It can tell us how we feel.

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Gopichand Nagasuseela 28 March 2009

its love again and love is laborious but ideal. fine composition

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Paige C 17 July 2009

I really like it. nice use of words. i lovedhow u put it together.

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Subroto Chatterjee 24 April 2009

Spoken like a true Poet. And there's no substitute to experience. None whatsoever... Cheers. Subroto

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Beth Skin 23 April 2009

This is such a beautifully written poem i could feel all the emotions as i read it

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sky dreams 21 April 2009

i like how you use the imagery of your own body to show your feelings for someone.. nice write!

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james Xane 20 April 2009

Guess I can understand how painful it is, so true... nice and simple flow of feelings here. Good work, keep it coming.

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londiwe buthelezi

londiwe buthelezi

empangeni, south africa
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