In A State Of Suspended Disbelief Poem by Monty Idumallab

In A State Of Suspended Disbelief

A long strange trip it's been
In a state of suspended disbelief
For two score and seventeen
Years, a life time, that isn't brief!

Believed all that's prescribed as rules
Believed all that's written in books
Believed all that's taught in schools
Believed all that's preached by fools

Without batting an eyelid
For fifty seven years
In a state of suspended disbelief

Learnt from all the mediocre teachers
Followed all the hypocritical preachers
Voted for all the neo-political leaders
Befriended a bunch of uncritical seekers

Without ever feeling tired
For fifty seven years
In a state of suspended disbelief

Chased the mirage of knowledge
Danced on the life's razor's edge
Blinded by the dazzle of Maya
Roamed high on icy Himalayas

Cocksure I was doing it right
For fifty seven years
In a state of suspended judgment

Strange! After all these years …..
Why do I get these doubts now?
May be only the devils know!
And damn! They all are howling
"Oh la la! the poor soul has woken up! "

I hear muzzled whispers from
Strange and distant Lands
"No more we can live, Oh Lord!
In these vast bloodied sands
a brother's made to fight a brother,
It doesn't rain a drop of water
But a whole lot of balls of fire"
Skeletons, thousands of them,
Knocking on the doors to my soul,
gate crashing through my papers,
whispers turning to screams.

Why am I not able to say
"I don't want you here,
I don't want to hear
Your wails and your cries,
get back home, then die
I couldn't care a damn,
I won't take any blame
I won't feel the shame"?

OMG, why did I wake up
to these nightmares
In broad day light?
You may say its cowardice,
You may say I'm spineless
or it's just an escape, whatever
But it was cozy and comfy, in
the state of suspended disbelief!

Saturday, September 12, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophical
I wonder what is the point in learning if I cannot help my neighbors
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