' Mask' Poem by anushmadhu Sanna Ratnavel

' Mask'

Rating: 3.2

You are trying to impress others
When you are not trying for yourself, (But you never impressed yourself)

You are afraid of the darkness
The devils exist in your heart;

Your heart is a dustbin
Of your discreditable s;

Your mind is a secret dark room
And afraid and ashamed of
Your awkward thoughts;

Your mind is a theatre for blue scripts
And it stages your dreams for
Your personal entertainments;

And you know,
You are not the actor there
But you are real in the drama,
It is not possible for you
To screen for the public;

Your mind is a milky way
And churn that for ambrosia,
And you would expel the poison too,

Your mind is an eagle,
Despite flying in the sky
It searches for dead rats on the earth;

Your mind is a sieve lid
It never retains useful stuff, but the waste;

Your mind is a great ocean
It has a secret deepness-But
You are less aware of this fuzzyness;

The face does not carry your address
But the mind hides your address,
You have no courage to address;

Your address is a myth-and
Your face is also a myth
Hence they don’t see each other’s.

The society is a hall for mask dance
We all dance there with own masks

The mask is your crown
If it is removed, you lose your kingdom..

Kaviko in Tamil- aalaabanai.

Sunday, January 24, 2010
Topic(s) of this poem: philosophy
Ivor Hogg 05 February 2010

We all adopt masks to wear in public You have to earn the right to see what the mask hides

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The panda That loves 30 January 2010

i love your poem. it is so true. you lose ur kingdom i love that part keep it up and u get a 10 out of 10.

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Noel Horlanda 30 January 2010

I recall I went to a masquerade ball. It is to understand that you can't identify each one of them who is or not your friend. It is to understand then that each one of them is hiding their own story life. You can't tell who is good or bad unless everybody doff their masks from their faces. Therefore it is difficult to judge each one until you have the chance to unmask each one of them. This is a philosophical write, good work, mate.10+

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Rehana Nazli 29 January 2010

A poem full of powerful words to express the dark side of human beings that may have been felt and experienced first hand.

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i can see the thingz u describe as i read. i can feel the rythm, i can feel the madness. i LIKE IT!

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Latroy 22 October 2020

ok i'm a student at boyette springs i like your poem I don't know why it is sad to me but it is I think mask is helpfull but it is very uncomfortable. And yea thats all I could think of like you peom hehee

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Jansen Felton 22 March 2010

this is a great poem and I think it is a real description on some people in mankind

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Bonnie Lundgren 09 February 2010

Many wear a mask. Many dance a different dance behind their eyes. I have worn a mask at times. But, OH! The joy and the freedom when I lose my mask and my false kingdom adn enter into another, an eternal kingdom where God is Lord and truth is always true.

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Gul naz 07 February 2010

i loved symbolism in this poem. great writing

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Tara Chettur 07 February 2010

I agree I have written poem on the same subject, Its very impressive 10+

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