Rainbow Poems: 463 / 500


Rating: 5.0

A rainbow of harmonies, filled with ecstasy
Poetry without words or rhymes
Soothes the soul
Voices as sweet as a ripe plum in spring
The rhythm rocks to the beat that never stops
Sings through your mind like a gentle breeze
Wipes away your thoughts
Caresses your ear
Flings emotion like paint onto walls
Lost in the blare of the bass
Drowns out the noise
Flying high, feeling so good
Grabs hold of you
Trickles over the core of our senses
Hips moving
Echoes through the caverns of our mind
A message of the heart transmitted to the soul
A world you make and control in your mind
Jam-packing the room with sound
As raw as the steak in your fridge
Elevating and transporting us along
Awakens you to the real world
Makes your chest explode with passion
Lets your emotions write the lines
Throws you down
So loud you almost can't bear it
Steadies the beat of the heart
Personality expressed through song
Crazed beats echo into the night
An escape to a different world
Fucks you hard
Draws you into yourself
Ecstatic moments of timeless feeling
Takes you hostage and doesn't let you go
A violent force
Flows like falling rain
Each chord helps to feed the fire
We let the music make us high
Speakers throbbing
A slap in the face
Traveling along the headphones, to the heart of me.

Brian Jani 19 June 2014

A rainbow of harmonies, filled with ecstasy, that first line says it all .that was a great write

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